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  1. As a kid, I watched these cartoons all the time on Cartoon Network. Definitely some of my favorite cartoons. I don't know a lot of kids that watch old cartoons. I only hear about the new stuff on Netflix or Disney shows.
  2. Hey! I'm a Pennsylvanian too! I might not be far from you ;). Anyways, welcome to MLP forums, and have a great time here!
  3. Love the music as well as there being a good meaning behind it!
  4. Found it through a friend that was already a part of the forums.
  5. I main MCCree. I would love to learn Brigitte but I mostly play competitive and I don't like to try new things there
  6. I think it depends on how popular the game is or how popular it will be. After looking it up on google, I found that 111.3 million people watch the Super Bowl. Also, I found that about 10 million people watched the Overwatch League Finals. There is still a large gap in between the two, however esports is definitely growing. If a game that was very popular came out and had esports, it could become as popular as regular sports.
  7. Hey there! I think you need to be a muffin to be able to do that stuff.
  8. Sometimes I do that, but then sometimes I don't want to cook
  9. Definitely Blizzards. True. But it's nice after a long day of work or even just school