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  1. I doubt I would ever have become a fan of the show. I certainly wouldn't be as big a fan as I am now.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums @littlepony I hope you have a long and pleasant stay here.
  3. Hello @NorthernDawnArt and welcome to the forums.
  4. I get what you mean and there's nothing disrespectful in what you wrote. I hope the same thing! I hope the mane six lived long and happy lives but died a long time before the races became separated. But I do wish people would stop going on about the mane 6 dying. It gets me down
  5. I used to be a big Wild Thornberrys fan which I suppose is quite girly too.
  6. There are no episodes that I hate, not any more anyway. I used to slightly hate The Mysterious Mare Do Well because something just feels off about it, something I can't easily explain but to me it was the kind of standard storyline I'd expect to see in other cartoons and made FiM seem like just another cartoon. But when I rewatched the episode a few months ago it didn't seem so bad, and in fact it wasn't even my least favourite episode anymore. That would be She Talks to Angel which I don't hate but find a bit uninteresting. I also like Mare Do Well more than Baby Cakes, Just for Sidekick
  7. Just imagine what we would have missed if the show had lasted just 3 seasons All those great episodes like The Perfect Pear, Amending Fences, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Sounds of Silence, A Hearth's Warming Tail, Twilight's Kingdom and so many more. We would never have met Starlight, Maud, Autumn Blaze, Thorax, Ember, the Young Six and Flurry Heart. We would never have seen Discord's transition into a hilarious comedy character or Daring Do as a real-world character or seen Twilight's Castle and the Cutie Map, the School of Friendship, The Changeling Kingdom, the Kirin village and Starl
  8. I doubt I would have ever bothered watching the show if it had lasted just 65 episodes. It was November 2015 when I first started watching which was when season 5 was nearing its end. I don't know if I would have bothered giving the show a try if I knew it had already been cancelled and there were just three seasons and 65 eps. I definitely wouldn't love FiM like I do now anyway since seasons 5 to 8 are a golden era for the show for me. I actually feel lucky the show went on another four seasons after I got into it, normally when I get into a cartoon it immediately gets cancelled. Like when I
  9. My personal favourites from each season: Season 1: Boast Busters (I love Trixie!) Season 2: A Canterlot Wedding (I always love changeling episodes) Season 3: The Crystal Empire Season 4: Trade Ya! Season 5: Amending Fences (My all time favourite episode) Season 6: To Where and Back Again Season 7: To Change a Changeling Season 8: Road to Friendship (Trixie and Starlight are my two favourite characters) Season 9: A Trivial Pursuit
  10. Despite my reservations about generation 5 having a male pony my favourite after watching the movie is Hitch! But I see I'm in a minority.
  11. I loved it. It was a beautiful film. As with all great things, I didn't want it to end. It was everything I wanted it to be. Great characters, good storyline, catchy songs and very funny. And that totally unexpected opening scene with the Mane 6! So good to hear Tabitha, Ashleigh, Tara and Andrea play those roles again! I'm guessing everyone else noticed the Starswirl picture in Sunny's house?
  12. Solar Power

    Hello everypony

    Hello @Chanson-DeGesteand welcome to the forum
  13. Green is my favourite colour but it used to be orange.
  14. Fan music is my fave aspect of the fandom and I love brony radio stations! They're great to have on in the background when you're on the internet. I used to listen to Parasprite Radio but it never seems to be working properly these days so now I listen to the Ponies At Dawn radio station on Youtube.
  15. Solar Power

    Hey there.

    Hello and welcome to the forum @Hidden_Dusk I too like the fan made music, in fact I love it! It's my fave thing in the fandom.
  16. I wasn't a hater. I was only kind of aware of the show's existence and its adult fans. I remember someone on a forum wondering why adult men liked the show and I responded in agreement. Finally when I started watching the show in late 2015 I began to understand its appeal.
  17. Solar Power

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    Hello @Tav and welcome to the forums
  18. Solar Power

    Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome to the forums @shimmerfluff
  19. I saw the Friendship Games just the other day as part of my generation 4 rewatch. I love the Crystal Prep characters, we really needed to see more of them. My fave are Sugarcoat and Sour Sweet. Also a special mention for Indigo Zap because she was voiced by the wonderful Kelly Sheridan.
  20. I've been rewatching the whole of generation 4 since the 1st of January in preparation for generation 5 and I'm determined to complete it before the new movie is released. I'm watching the whole of Friendship is Magic including the specials, shorts and movies. I'm currently near the end of season 9. After that will be the whole of Equestria Girls including all the shorts and then Friendship is Forever.
  21. You never saw The Last Problem? What is it that's making you not want to watch it?
  22. I don't like the term 'worst' since I love every season of FiM. 'Least great' would be better. My least favourite has always been season 1 since the show was still getting into its stride at this point. That said, the more I watch of season 1 the more it improves for me. I'm currently going through the whole of FiM in preparation for generation 5 and I liked season 1 considerably more than I used to this time round.
  23. I would definitely still watch it. In fact I'd be even more excited about watching it.
  24. Solar Power

    Hi everybody!

    Hello and welcome to the forums @Paleopony
  25. It's all looking really good. The CGI in particular impresses me and the voice cast seem great. I'm really looking forward to this.
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