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  1. So I’m sure this doesn’t belong here (I’m not sure where to post this so I’m posting it here, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong area) anyways I just wanted to ask the community if anyone knows where I can find .SWF because I own AE (after effects) and I’m sure it supports .SWF files mainly because I’ve did my research) anyways I want to learn how to animate so I’m asking you guys if y’all know where I could find those kind of files. Thanks
  2. I appreciate what you did here (also I know this is probably old but I plan on using OpenToonz to animate, well at least try to haha. Anyways I’m going I try to learn how to animate if possible lol) *brohoof*
  3. True. Well right now I’m mainly saving up my budget is $1800 for next year, also I’m using greyhound mainly because I don’t want to fly. I’m also looking for anyone who will be willing to room share if possible. (Trying to figure out things before it gets closer to the date)
  4. Heck yea! Well let’s make this last Bronycon epic! /) We still got time
  5. Guys I’m already getting excited about next years Bronycon, like I’m already putting a budget together haha anyways who else is hyped?!
  6. I know this post is old and all but I know a few apps that are pony related, if anyone is still interested in finding apps I can do some digging and searching
  7. Ehyup! Things are good so far thanks for the warm welcoming! /)
  8. That’s good to know btw if your wondering about my username I’m transitioning MTF (male to female)
  9. Thanks! So far I’ve just been off and on lol busy day today ^_*
  10. Thank you all for the warm welcoming, it means a lot!