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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. My record is about 60 hours of WoW and that was quite bad. But almost every week I have to do 24h+, which is actually getting pretty easy after some time.
  3. I don't have any problem with ponies front view. And there is this:
  4. Recent topic gave me this idea. We see Spike eating gems all the time. We know gems are pretty common in Equestria, just look how many can Rarity or Maud find in short time, so nobody probably thinks much about it, but in Just for sidekicks we saw Spike giving just a small fragment to CMC and they were able to buy huge industrial blower for that. So what do you think, how much does Spike aet, and are other dragons most wealthy beeings in Eguestria?
  5. I agree with gems beeing more like candy for him. After all, he gave Rarity his Fire Ruby. Off course, it was Rarity, but it shows he does not just eat every gem around him without thinking. Also, without him beeing able to controll his urges, crystal ponies would not call him hero, but devourer
  6. Not really into this ship, but it would be interesting to see Capper reacting to the fact that Rarity owns a smaller version of him.
  7. Well, this is wery hard choice, there are so many great songs to choose from, but these are my favourites. First one is really great, and also to think that WE are those mythological creatures nopony believes in is just great (and probably true in few thousand years). Off course I have to mention Ponyphonic, na dthe best (in my oppinion) is The moon rises And this next one feels a bit familiar in a way And because I grew up listening to Kai Tracid, Tiesto etc. I just must add this one But as I wrote before, there is just too much to choose from (which is great). And I just have to add this last one. Great remix from " MLP meets Happy tree friends" video.
  8. My favorite pony is Trixie. From her first appearance I liked her color scheme and voice, but there was more. She was living alone in a wagon and it seemed that se did her show without taking money, so I thought that all she really wants is to be recognized, to find a friend. And I'm really glad that they connected her with Starlight (also kinda like her) in a way that worked perfectly for me and my assumptions. And mane 6? Definitely Pinkie Pie, most powerful pony of them all
  9. Broken arm, chipped tooth with exposed nerve, but worst pain? Papercut, definitely
  10. Thanks for replies. And honestly, this show is really weird in a good way. I love Game of thrones, action movies etc. so ponies don't really fit, but in the end they were exactly what I needed to get better.
  11. Hi all, so I finally decided to join this forum. I'm middle-aged guy from Czech republic, so sorry for my bad English (hopefully this will help me get better). I first heard about MLP when I watched over my niece and she wanted to watch it, and because I do like anime and cartoons it seemed ok for a girl show. So I didn't mind watching second episode, than watched the show without her, felt weird for liking it, found bronies, music, fanfiction, all kinds of YouTube videos and, after some time, realized that I became a brony. And I am glad because it helped me with my fight against depressionand made me laugh after a long time. I may have joined quite late, but better than never.