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  1. Stormfall

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Autumn all the way! Give me a crisp morning and a perfect 65-70 any day! If you meant favorite season of MLP, probly season 2, intro to Discord, Lesson Zero, Luna Eclipsed, the Cutie Pox (when Applebloom speaks French it always makes me laugh), the legend of Hearthswarming Eve, Daring Do’s first appearance, and of course Canterlot Wedding. Would you play an MLP RPG if they made it, and what would the story be?
  2. Ok I did this wrong, please see above post 😬
  3. Pinkies Brew is a parody song in the also parody series called Friendship is Witchcraft, you can find it on YouTube (Tho I didn’t end up liking it after I saw it, some decently funny songs tho). Twilight said those words during the confrontation with Nightmare Moon. Twi was looking for the “spark” which would activate the Elements of Harmony and reveal the final element. She thought at first it was a literal magic spark and she tried using her magic to create it, but it didn’t work. Then when her friends came running into the room, the spark ignited inside Twilight herself. Nightmare Moon says
  4. Stormfall


    Hello and welcome! Your avatar is EPIC! Think your gonna love it here, I'm new too and still figuring things out. I'm sure I'll see you around.
  5. Hello! I recently joined as well. The show is quite good, it has its ups and downs as any show, but as it goes along the characters grow and change and you have loads of fun all along the way! Keep watching and you'll find plenty of unforgettable moments.
  6. This was the episode that got me hooked too. Such lovable characters and an interesting intro to Twilight as the all I need is books, bad friend with good intentions type. Twilights library/observatory home in Canterlot was pretty awesome and I wished such a library existed so I could visit. “...the fate of Equestria does not depend on me making friends!” That made me laugh as it let me know the writers might be a clever bunch. The mane 6 intros were well handled, as soon as Pinkie Pie gasped dramatically and flew away when Twlight said “Hello” I was pretty sure she’d end up being my favorite
  7. Ha, yea I kinda became obsessed for a while, once I realized the vids I was watching on YouTube were filled with spoilers I had to catch up so I could watch the show as it was presented. It’s such an interesting lore they’ve created.
  8. Hello! I’m crazy excited to be here! Let’s see, I’m a 36 year old male who loves fantasy and all forms of good storytelling. It’s rare for a show like this to evoke such emotion in me, but man FiM is so amazing! I only discovered this show earlier this year, around April I think, and I’ve binged watched all the way thru season 8 now. I have so many questions and ideas about the show and I think I’m in the right place. I’ll be looking around the site and figuring out how things work but I’m so stoked to find this fandom! Never stop making PMVs and all pony related things! I’ve already got my OC
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