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  1. Interesting nerdy question: Could a Light Saber cut through Captain America's shield?
  2. Welcome to MLP Forums, Indi!
  3. PixelPrism

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    Four hundred thousand eight hundred and thirty!
  4. 10! We have reached double digits!
  5. True, it makes me super anxious most times, though in some cases, i prefer to be alone. TPAM dislikes the color brown.
  6. 7. 7 is supposed to be lucky, but has always been unlucky in my case. So i tend to stray away from it!
  7. PixelPrism

    Mega Thread Favorite songs?

    Lately, i've been addicted by this NSP song. Danny Don't You Know by Ninja Sex Party. If the language in this song is prohibited on the forums, please feel free to remove this post.
  8. PixelPrism

    Post your OC!

    Here's Pixel! Based him after two interests I have, computers, and art. Specifically graphic design. Hence the RGB colors, and white body. Age: 31 Gender: Male Species: Pegasus Cutie Mark: A computer monitor with RGB colors on the screen and a mouse cursor in the middle.
  9. I actually like the Harley Quinn and Joker pairing.
  10. Q! It's highly underused, which makes it uniQue!
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