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  1. No Longer Here

    OOC RP Anyone??

    @Kitty_Cat Sure, I have a link here. My OC, don't worry, he's a nice guy.
  2. @Blitz Boom Okay, I know I sound like a leech and I am pretty sure I am now at this point. But I already made two OC's and posted them into the "All Roleplay Characters" sections. I don't know what goes next because the guide for this is outdated. But I already made two OC's (more to come down the road) so now what's the next step. Do I need to have them approved or something?
  3. No Longer Here

    Gsu2: Chris Aarons

    Gsu2: Chris Aarons
  4. No Longer Here

    Gsu1: Evan Marshall

    Gsu1: Evan Marshall
  5. No Longer Here

    Open Casual stroll

    Evan walks around Ponyville, looking around at the daily activities going on. "Hmm, what's going on over there?" He looks are some ponies talking. "Should I go there and intervene? Hmm..." Evan snaps his figures and takes out a coin,. "Heads, go and talk. Tails, leave." He flips the coin and lands on heads. "Alright, I guess I got nothing else to do." Evan starts to walk over to the ponies having a conversation. "Hey, what's going on? Everything okay?"
  6. No Longer Here

    Ask Luna

    Hello Princess Luna! I saw a car with a picture of you on it, it was kicking some insane lap times at the local track in Canterlot. What do you think about this machine?
  7. No Longer Here

    what inspires you?

    The things that ignites my creativity spark are pininterest and coffee. LOL
  8. No Longer Here

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    The same crud everyday.
  9. Hello, people. I am looking for someone to play as Rainbow Dash. Nothing serious, I just want to have some fun interacting. I would like to have my OC humans (please don't kill me) interact in a Equestria. I am having a hard time looking to RP with someone. Please let me know if you are okay with this. Thanks.
  10. No Longer Here

    OOC RP Anyone??

    @Kitty_Cat I can play as my one of my OC(s) They are humans, but they are very nice, each with a colorful personality. If that is okay with you?
  11. No Longer Here

    What mood would you associate your favorite color with?

    Black - Simple, Clean, Professional, Serious, Luxurious, Powerful, Strong, and Sleek.
  12. No Longer Here

    OOC RP Anyone??

    @Kitty_Cat Sure, I'm ready. If you want to RP. I'm ready now.
  13. Alright, here goes nothing. Name: Evan Marshall Age: 56 Species: Homo sapien Occupation: Captain of a SWAT team. (Other team members will be added later on) Height: 6.0' Physical Appearance: Heavy build, muscular, buzz-cut haircut. Strengths: Good at math, humble, and strong. Weakness: Trouble reading and writing, jumps to conclusions easily, impatient. Hobbies: Drawing, Model Railroading Evan along with his team was accidently sent to Equestria after one of his teammates will doing some experimental research on a foreign object. After he and his team teleported to Equestria along with their base, they found themselves in a new world completely cut off from any communications from their planet. When they saw some of the local in Equestria they were very surprised to see everythin Equestrian oriented. They know they will have a hard time trying to fit. But they are looking for answers how to get home, they will try to ask some of the locals in Equestria and help them in anyway they can. ( I suck at writing)
  14. @Blitz Boom I'm scared to put my OC because I did it before and I got kicked out of a group.