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  1. Fair enough. I wouldn't say the flavour is as sweet as actual honey, but enough so that you can taste its honey flavour. Honestly, I never tried the comb pieces on their own before (I just eat it together with the ice cream ). I did a bit of research and apparently these "comb" pieces are actually toffee pieces with a honey-like flavour. I hope you didn't think it was actual honeycomb, because yeah, that wouldn't appeal to me either.
  2. In my past experiences when I had it, it's a honey-flavoured ice cream with small chunks of crunchy honeycomb pieces. It might have another name, but that's what I've always called it.
  3. :balloon::blue_baloon:   Happy forumversary, my friend! :coco: *hugs*   :blue_baloon::balloon:

    My Little Pony] Coco Pommel by Frank-Seven on DeviantArt

    1. Tacodidra


      Thanks, my friend! :yay: *hugs back* :rarity:

      What an adorable Coco! ^_^

  4. My favourite ice cream flavour is cookies and cream. I also like honey-comb as well.
  5. I guess during Christmas time, where people give presents that count for both your birthday and Christmas.
  6. I give brohoofs to pretty much every status update and their corresponding replies that float into my notifications box. I also brohoof various posts every now and then.
  7. At the moment, only one, which is my home country. I haven't travelled to another country before due to travel and accommodation costs, as well as busy everyday commitments.
  8. I've only donated money to various charities for churches and schools, and also for some events on MLPF such as MCM.
  9. I usually like to sit slouched in my chair.
  10. Personally, I prefer butter, mostly because I never had margarine before.
  11. For me, I prefer pretzels over peanuts.
  12. I like to eat my fries by dipping each one into tomato sauce on the side.
  13. I actually call them "soft drinks". Otherwise, I call them by their brand-specific name, such as Coke or Fanta.