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  1. Hey... -psst.... look, here, you want some Roleplay Stories? 

    *Opens my black trenchcoat, with movie like covers in a pocket*

    Only tell me that's allowed. 

  2. Here you go, this is the last upload for the Album. Enjoy!

  3. Here we are... the 10th and almost last upload for the Album: Electrified

    i Hope you enjoyed the Album's tracks so far.

  4. Have the next track, dammit. *Throws a new Electrified Upload at you*

    Enjoy this!

  5. Here, check out the next and newest track of the Album!

  6. This is the last upload for today, enjoy!


  7. Hooray! this is the next ulpoad today!

    Listen now and Subscribe!

  8. This is the 4th and last upload for today on Bron3 Music with the Album: Electrified! listen now and don't forget to Subscribe!


  9. Oh, here, have the latest, newest release on YouTube by Bron3Music!

  10. Listen to the 1st track of Electrified, next song coming up in just about two hours, Subscribe to follow upcoming tracks!


    CRASH (3).png


    The Trailer to the coming album - Electrified! 

  12. Thanks for the follow! :mlp_yeehaa:

    Also, LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! I have that wallpaper in my computer!!! :kirin:

  13. Thanks for the follow! :D