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  1. hey!
    Good banner! I used to have a phone case with the background on it (think I still have it)

  2. I Made a new Dubstep track, i finally know where and how to use effect and not only at once, whoo!


  3. I Made Riddim from the show song: "The Perfect Stallion". ^^ Riddim-ized!


  4. Listen now to my latest Riddim-ized Remix! Wooh!



  5. So, yesterday i made a Riddim-ized Remix of SlyphStorm's Pegasus Device, uloaded on, listen now!

  6. I- I wanna make Riddim.

  7. So, i made Remix of MandoPony's Survive The Night.


  8. I Think i got more profile visits in around three weeks than i got before in around a year. Hah! 

    I Like that. XD

  9. What about making a Remix of a song by MandoPony?

  10. I May be able to do a Remix of WoodenToaster's Beyond Her Garden.

  11. Well, if any Musician is here, send me  Track for thr Burning E.P. i have it on YouTube and SoundCloud.


  12. So, i may be uploading my latest track on YouTube today, if you wanna listen to it, I'll share a link with you!