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  1. whats your tool for drawing? mouse? tablet? sai got a pretty useful tool for either mouse and tablet, it can help you with your linearts. with this, you just click around and the line bend itself in perfect shape
  2. kirin rank> your favorite rank> other ranks

  3. never been on a convention of any kind a family convention maybe... is it called family meeting? yeah, nothing with strangers xd
  4. testing brush because im dumb enough to delete a folder with all my brushes and settings
  5. doesn't it suck when you delete your brushes and settings because you don't understand  how storage works? :mlp_icwudt:

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      yes, yes it does


  6. Id say im in good shape, my job require me to lift weight so i guess im good even with bad diet I suffer frequent headaches, sometimes light ones, sometimes i might throw up by listening the word food. I feel tired even with good sleep and my breathing rhytm is terrible
  7. Try lifting the rubber in the stick and blowing a bit, sometimes is because dust or tiny particles, got problem frequently (annoying in monster hunter because its the one that controls the camera). I dont have any issues for the moment. I just have one pair of joy cons, planning on get a pro controller because my right joycon reboot whenever it wants
  8. Happy birthday forum Its pretty cool to see how united this comunity is. Many more years to come!
  9. that draw was an entry for a halloween contest, the responses were the same basically
  10. Gonna attempt to colorize it then
  11. My little ayylien, my little ayylien *cumbia starts* I think its a matter of quality, like the plushie comission shop, thats high quality and good to look at. Even when i dont like plushies