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  1. "Poggers" and variants Noisy kids Something fall pick it up and falls again When something that falls rolls under something Non wireless stuff Youtube having two ads in a row Waiting too much on a game lobby Not being able to draw I guess im missing stuff
  2. Usager

    Gaming Monster Hunter: Rise

    How dare they to not include prowlers... i feel insulted. Haven't played world yet, im trying to complete gen ultimate. Im curious what kind of change the gunlance may bring because skipping a game with a lot of changes. Also also i hope gore magala and athal kha get into the game.
  3. My new laptop is awesome, it have more resolution so its harder to read :mlp_icwudt:

  4. I dont have enough free days
  5. Usager

    Usager's ask thing

    -the lights is what gives life to the composition imo -coffee, the one that is called choca mocha i believe its called... TASTY
  6. pewds cool. there is no such thing as overrated, its just all tastes. i often listen pewds or other youtubers in the background while doing something else. thread should've been "youtubers you dont like"
  7. The horn doesnt seem correctly centered
  8. Usager

    Usager's ask thing

    Usagi means bunny in japanase, was kinda difficult to find a name not used
  9. its erik satie considered classic? if so, most of his stuff. gymnopedies are awesome. also this is lovely
  10. Usager

    digital muh gallery

    I see i always forgett about making the nose more roundy, in this case an attempt was made but the shading was too square. I believe it might be easy to fix but would've pointless at this time. Thanks, ill keep in mind making it roundy. About the cheeks, i like it that way, gonna study more so i can do better in that area Again, thank you :3!
  11. Usager

    digital muh gallery

    i have a twitter but its non pony related. the deviant page its abandoned i upload my stuff in derpibooru critique is always appreciated
  12. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Usager


      thank you :mlp_icwudt:

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