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  1. Clipstudio paint is not comfy >:C

    For the moment...

  2. Usager

    Gaming What are your thoughts on fortnite?

    its fun... tho, only play like 3 or 4 times per month. waiting too much for a match to start its pretty annoying
  3. WHO DAAAAAAARE to remove the lovely kirin reaction >:C

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      new ones have to come every now and then, and we can't exactly have them pile up, it will become disfunctional, don't worry, there will be more Kirin in the future

  4. Usager

    Visual Art So I like art.

    I love to see evolution and progress, is one of the best feelings Amazing works :3!
  5. Usager

    Gaming Ragnarok Online

    Yup, sad thing it have "premium" item which you can buy from people by grinding way too much... i guess they are useful only if you go full woe or mvp... i dont like them anyway. Also yes, the server is mostly spanish but i remember see some english talking people. And if you are learning spanish, most people are chileans and thats a pretty difficult spanish xd also yes, its pre-renewall
  6. Alone at work... its pretty spooky, i hope ghost dont tell my boss that im doing whatever but my job :mlp_icwudt:

    1. Odyssey


      I hope the Haunted Spirit of Reminders does tell you to do your frickin job. :mlp_wink:

  7. Usager

    Gaming Ragnarok Online

    XatiyaRo its spanish. 9x i believe
  8. Caught me flying low xD On: congratulation Valtasar and thanks you for doing an amazing job not only on the event area
  9. Usager

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for hugging bugs
  10. Usager

    Gaming Ragnarok Online

    God damn these gazetis >:C With my lk used to mob the whole dungeon, is so much fun xd The problem is who may tank that, i got obliterated many times because a miss click xd 6 accounts holy molly D;
  11. Usager

    Gaming Ragnarok Online

    I revisit my server from time to time, its pretty fun. My main class id say id super novice to farm... its pretty expensive to get a grinder sn tho xd Gypsy its also so much fun. I dont think ill play it again more than 1 hour a month tho. If you are interested, the official server is ftp now @Discordian the anime is alright (better than SAO imo xd) i recommend to play the game a bit and learn a bit before watch it
  12. Usager

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    Im sorry, im not taking more request for the moment
  13. Some forum about soldat game... bad experience
  14. Usager

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    @Catpone Cerberus im sorry i couldn't do the pose you wanted so i went for a iddle one im gonna be skipping two users with pretty low activity. @KrazyDashie is next. any change in the petition?