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  1. I really like it Realistic lightning in a vector looks pretty cool
  2. Cant even sketch ;-;

    Pray for me

    1. Odyssey


      I shall send you emotional support from one troubled artist to another 

  3. his work doesnt need to know the franchise or lore, just hear instructions and read the paper according to instructions.
  4. Im interested... we need a for dany devito voice
  5. Usager

    How well known are you on the forums?

    Whats the point of the thread then
  6. Monday... €£€

  7. Usager

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    not actually xd gotta practice other areas, also not gonna put that much time for a while, so i can do something for me :B
  8. Usager

    need help modeling ponies

    try again, if you fail with this simple one i dont see you modeling ponys already. pay attention and follow every step
  9. Usager

    need help modeling ponies

    this one may help. little steps
  10. Usager

    Request Shop Muh request thing

    @NightmareLuna800 hope you like it :3! im not gonna take more request in a while. going to finish the list and then time may tell if i do more in the future :3!
  11. i would recommend watch for references in the internet if its for shape or proportion study...
  12. Huh. You are an art contest winner yet you use one of my signatures. It surprises me, because I am sure whatever art you make is leagues beyond my signatures and banners. Either way, I appreciate you using one.

    1. Usager


      its a really cool signature, i should thank you for let me use it :3!

  13. Once in a blue moon... usagers says hai hai~~

    1. Snow


      You do it almost every day on the discord though :p