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  1. Thanks pal. ♡

  2. Easy. Have them get so,d job but remain jerks. Or just have them and the six meet a common enemy.. I just need our queen back?
  3. Please bring them back hasbro. We have been wanting this for so long. :/
  4. Graphic warning What we miss I grew up getting compliments on my grown appearance many times and iq. For years I slowly picked up on the way peoplebehave on the spectrumove and have gained self awareness of it's dark side. In this fandom you see autism portrayed in colorful and rainbows. But peoplenever talk about it's damaging too. Ever. I was as an infant low in cognition, lacked spelling abilities. Yes a rare disorder I was born with. Only with self awareness do I see how scary it can be. Some of you enjoy overenduring in sex, video games, drugs, I didn't get to choose what I was born with. I had no way out until I got severe therapy help. Think about these beloved characters you admire and how hidden these stories of autismm, really are. Maud, Starlight, etc. Why is a grown boy with twig thin arms even typing this up? He could risk his entire reputation. Lose friends. Never find love. Because of the cause in life. I see this fandom, and knew no one would speak out. Arm flapping, tongues hanging out. This is the dark side of autism. I whip peers who follow me, in life strictly. It isn't fun for either or us, but the self awarness is necessity. I developed self awareness and choice eventually. At around what 14? The choice to choose, consult. It's all the seed of every dream. I don't know what will become of me. My health has dropped. Intrusive thoughts, distorted vision. All I can truthfully is choice is a token. Of there was no dark turns in everything how could hope exist? It wouldn't. [C]Life isn't sunshine and rainbows. You will only have to act on what rids you of fear. Give enlightenment. I still have a lot ways to go but I know my stance now. Have a good day everypony. [C]///
  5. Here we are going to discuss ways to bring back some mlp fans. Let's gather insights before we get any wild ideas.
  6. She's beautiful. <3 Why can't she make a comeback? She was evil but I felt bad for her embarrassment and want to hold the bean like a friend.
  7. I'll mainly lurk here but she's beautiful. Understatement of the year.
  8. I was one of the most terrible men alive. I was an unstable activist, I had lots of inner turmoil. Even as a kid I was drained, from being put on the spot a lot. So I became my own kind of bully. I know lust, regrets, I empathize with Sunset's problems. As a reformed empath I'm full of mistakes. Full of conflict at times. But my desire for my friends to be happy and stability keeps me alive. Now I'm a much better person. And if I say this in vain I ought to try again.
  9. I'm confused. Maybe it's the ghost of mlp forums.
  10. Please bring back Adiago. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💛💛