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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Currently working on my blog and it's coming along nicely. ^_^

  3. @Venomous Thanks for the assist.
  4. Everdash


  5. Playing with my SNES emulator. Been nostalgic video gaming all day. 

  6. Thanks @SharpWit. I'm going to be adding a front page at some point. I just needed to know if the images are aligned correctly.
  7. Wait a minute... did you say "Spend other people's money"? Sounds like somepony I know?
  8. I'm currently working on my blog/website for my writing called The Pony Library. The purpose of the site is to house all my writing and Original Characters bios. I have a preview (which I'll post below). I need some advice on how it looks, if everything is working and looking good etc. So if you want to suggest anything, by all means, just add your comments here. Here is the preview link to this site. http://seanmallonwriting.epizy.com/?customize_changeset_uuid=abcea996-45db-42f3-aff3-90f0ba8dba98 Note that things like links and audio won't work for the time being. So what do you guys think so far?
  9. Well in general I like to SMILE. I would like to wish everyone on in the Poniverse a happy smile day. That goes especially for you @Pinkie Pie. Okay here's a question for you all to ponder. What makes you happy and smile?
  10. Welcome to the MLP Forums. Have fun and enjoy yourself.
  11. I hope so. To be honest, I liked all of them. But Mistmane was my favorite. I want to see more of her.
  12. I would have to say... Not enough sleep. Maybe...
  13. I have on so many levels. That why I stay away from Twitter and Facebook all together.
  14. I would pick a million dollars for sure. I'm a poor pony. lol
  15. Star Wars IV: A New Hope Still love the movie after all these years.