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  1. Been a bit since I've been here... Ok, more than a bit, heh.

  2. Count Paradox

    General Chat Thread

    I know nothing about computer stats, sooo... XD and all i can say is be the best you can be, and if people need more from you, they aren't your real friends.
  3. Count Paradox

    General Chat Thread

    Well, i need to get really caught up on my anime. Sweeeeeeet.
  4. Count Paradox

    Octavia Fan Club

    I know what its from. XD Its Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the piano battle between Daffy and Donald. XD been a while since I've been in here, glad to see its going strong.
  5. Count Paradox

    General Chat Thread

    Dude im sure most of us here will listen.
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