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  1. OceanSparkle

    I'm new here but I need help!

    @Nightmare glim, I really hope so!
  2. OceanSparkle

    I'm new here but I need help!

    Dear everyone, I'm super new to the community. I don't know if im allowed to; i did sent a mail of request but no answer on it yet. I want to introduce myself a bit; I'm a master student in Leisure and Tourism and it was requested to research an online community. I know there is already a lot about the MLP community but I want to learn more of this community and I am mainly interested (and enthusiastic) in the costumes; if you have a MLP costume or not and why so? And if you have a costume; can you explain something about this? I know I am asking quite a lot but I am really interested and I will assure you that everything is anonymous and confidential! Thank you all!