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  1. If I were to visit an event like bronycon, are there certain (unwritten) rules regarding my costume? What does the costume say about you as a person/brony?
  2. Sorry to hear that you got bullied in school bro I really like your future plans! I am sure you will have a nice garden full of animals and birdhouses someday Cool to see that you are a combination of Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie. Thank you and cool bro!! I see that many people see themselves differently online compared to real life. Why is that exactly? what are the differences between being online amongst bronies and being in real life amongst other bronies?
  3. I can imagine that! It is so nice that you can be yourself on this forum I would like to be more as Pinkie Pie in real life as well. It is easier to do that on the forum than in real life.
  4. Thank you! Ah, that's a cool mix. Why do you prefer to be Trixie on the forum and Big Mac/Twilight Sparkle in real life?:) Great! Is that because you love animals as well or why do you like fluttershy the most?
  5. Hi all! Which Pony are you and why? I identify myself with pinkie-pie as I love to laugh and I'm very sociably (I think)
  6. Dear everyone, I'm super new to the community. I don't know if im allowed to; i did sent a mail of request but no answer on it yet. I want to introduce myself a bit; I'm a master student in Leisure and Tourism and it was requested to research an online community. I know there is already a lot about the MLP community but I want to learn more of this community and I am mainly interested (and enthusiastic) in the costumes; if you have a MLP costume or not and why so? And if you have a costume; can you explain something about this? I know I am asking quite a lot but I am really interested and I will assure you that everything is anonymous and confidential! Thank you all!