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  1. I once was able to get around it by modding registry data via safe mode. It was on a VM but it probably could still work on an actual physical PC. I think Windows Service Pack 3 broke the way I did it though because I installed that and now it doesn't let me use it anymore. But if I remember right, Service Pack 3 was released kinda late into the lifespan (if at all. I think the special thing about it was it was released after the lifespan) so it shouldn't be that important (and it doesn't come automatically installed on the OS). Probably shouldn't link that method here because that may or may not be promoting piracy (tho XP is a super old OS and its source has been leaked anyways so idk-), but you can probably find it somewhere.
  2. Its been a long time... 2018 since I've been on this account? Wow... Thread awoketh again and I got all these messages in my inbox. So now I have returned, nostalgic. But glad to see that the discussion has re-awoken since the last time years ago (not sure how yall found it since I'm pretty sure it would have been buried at this point, being from so long ago, so that interesting). And ye, I got the same notification. My browser stopped letting me run it even though I had it set to automagically start many times, even deep within the weird floaty cookie space a few months prior, so that was already kinda a warning sign. I guess by now I have kinda come to terms with it. I'm still gonna miss a lot of stuff though but I've tried to download as much as I can. So much time as passed since I've been here but I still got my old pony gen pfp (back before I could draw. BUT NOW I CAN HAH!), just a smol other product and memory of flash. Still don't really agree though with just getting rid of it outright when so much older content would then end up generally lost to time. Like Geocities. Geocities had a lot of weird but cool old stuff, and then just- Poof, gone. But compatibility and all is annoying to keep up. I bet at some point Windows will just yeet out 32 bit support like MacOS has and then we won't be able to play older games like the ye oldie Source stuff, that def won't be good whenever that day comes. But I guess it is improvement. Out with the old, in with the new as they say. And thats why you don't see people using those old spindly wheel cars and candles for lighting unless they are trying to be aesthetic. But still, either way, a big chunk of internet history is going to be lost at the end of 2020. And thats why I've made a Windows XP VM with a really old browser and a saved offline installer of Flash so that whenever that day comes I can still get a fix of nostalgia on any site that still has old flash stuff. Which also presents another question... Sites that still have old flash stuff (like DA, Newgrounds, Neopets? Miniclip, CoolMath, etc), whats gonna happen to them. DA has already kinda gotten rid of catagories as a whole, so I guess they got rid of the Flash catagory. But theres still a ton of cool Flash stuff on there that doesn't hvae the download button avaliable so... Is it just going to eternally be stuck there, are they going to delete it, or maybe convert it to html like Newgrounds I think is trying to do? And those other two sites, while not really important, also very nostalgic, but also have a ton of Flash games that will be unable to be used in the very near future (unless they intend to or already have at this point converted them all to Flash.)
  3. Hmm, I was actually thinking of staring a topic about the sirens. but I actually think that they were originally ponies in the first place. because, you see, when the Mane 6 destroyed their necklaces, they lost their magical abilities. This also caused them to loose their singing ability. While the necklaces could possibly be able to channel their magical abilities, wouldn't they still be able to sing since they are mythical creatures instead of loosing their abilities entirely (they just wouldn't bee able to hypnotize)? We have seen pone dark forms take place. Therefore, the sirens could have been pones before, but became sirens when they discovered the gemstones, becoming reliant on them to sustain their magic. Soo, in conclusion, he sirens became humans because they were possibly originally ponies (at least, that is my theory). I would think that other creatures in the land would become different types of animals in the real world (griffons = lions? dragons = dogs, hippogriffs = birds? etc) while ponies being the only ones who can become humans. Certainly Kirin would possibly become a humanoid as well, though possibly a variant of the regular pony humanoid.
  4. I wasn't completely sure where to put this but I feel I have to ask.., I have been searching across the internet an I have never found this answer to my question, but now I am going to ask it here in hopes of a answer. You all have probably played a flash game or two online. Be it the Pony creator or neopets or even doll divine (though technically all they do is steal other peoples flash games to put them on their site and a lot of them are broken), you all have probably touched upon Flash. Now, the time is upon us when Flash is coming to a end. All I could find on the subject is that Adobe is going to stop updating and distributing Flash Player, the plugin used to play flash when you are doing it online. They also said supporting in there as well. but what does that mean. Does that mean that once it is gone it will stop working as well? Will browsers rip it off once 2020 ends? Will someone ever make a alternative to flash that will still allow us to run old things like some of our favorite games and other programs? Even though sites are being encouraged to change out old flash things with new, non-flash things, old sites will not do the same. Sites that have not been updated in years yet still contain some of the greatest things on the internet and if we lose Flash, then will those things instantly stop working? If this is true, can someone out in this great big internet find a way to still allow us to play our old Flash games in the modern day. i don't really care for C or C++ or JavaScript and even though that is the future, do we really need to update. Flash does have some security issues I guess, sure. But has anyone really said what those are (because I haven't heard of any). And what is the worst that it can do? Make our screen flash in its little tiny confining box or something? There are a bunch of things that I love about the internet that involve Flash (including YouTube, and as far as I know that still hasn't updated yet). I don't think that Adobe can be talked out of killing Flash Player. But we still haven't gotten enough answers as the doomed day nears and we need to learn more about what this could mean. If anyone has an answer to my question, please reply. That is all. Thanks!
  5. Maybe, but it is still art theft! Just because it is normally a good company doesn't mean they can escape the law.
  6. Wellllll, this is now a super rare collectible and we should probably gather them all before they disappear for good! Also, the lawsuits are coming veeeeeeeerrrrry soon...
  7. Ohhhh. That is interesting though. I think I saw something similar in a mlp comic (if it was IDW or not I do not know) where there were Luna and Celestia as children. Luna opens a portal into another world to prove herself but get s taken by creatures where they tie her up and give her a helmet and horseshoes (Not actual horseshoes. Those foot coverings that they put over their hooves that do not look like shoes but more like plates but I call them horseshoes because I think that is what they are called but I do not think that they are actually named) similar to the one that Nightmare Moon wears. Maybe they were going for that to be canon, but I like your interpretation better as well. Besides, then how would Daybreaker exist in the dream world, unless it is also just a image or the dark force you mentioned has infiltrated Starlight's mind and created that image but that is highly doubtful.
  8. IDW comics’s interpretation? Would you mind possibly explaining?
  9. Hmm, I am kinda interested in working on this. But I am not the best at sprites or anything. I could try to make facesets, in case you need those for some characters. Edit: Also, I am not quite sure the position is open anymore, this is a kinda old post.
  10. Though, wouldn't that be a art crime if this were official. They took the OC of someone and if Hasbro did this of all companies then they are infringing copyright laws, even if it is in the UK. If this were a bootleg this would make sense. But, again, without the whole image you cannot tell.
  11. Mhm. And there is no other image on the internet as far as I could find like this one. Unless we have someone out here on the forums with some official box art (or the whole image) it is pretty hard to verify that this is real. Btw, here is the site which first reported on this.
  12. So, I was looking through my feed on YouTube and I came across a video of Dr. Wolf talking about this image that he found on a pony news site of the official boxart of the Roller-coaster of Friendship/Forgotten Friendship in the UK. I would just like to ask around if you guys think that this is legit. I have bought a bootleg of Pokemon Diamond (the actual one not the telefang one, I think) and from the looks of this boxart it is pretty similar to that in appearance. The image that I have is the only image that I have of this. I did not buy the dvd myself and i do not live in the UK. I haven't even seen the thing yet, but this is pretty strange. Is Dr. Wolf even in the movie? So, yea. I would like to ask if this is actually real. From the looks of it in the image, it could exist in the real world but might be a bootleg of the movie itself (why anyone would want to bootleg it though is beyond me). Here is the image and the link to the video which Dr. Wolf is talking about it.
  13. True... That does make sense. Since Daybreaker does not exist in the real world, she would probably act in a different way. Celestia probably helped that as well. And since Daybreaker didn't exist before, she would actually have a bit more freedom to perform differently. Celestia's presence could have triggered this... But that is still in the dreamiverse. Unless it is reappearing in the dreamiverse from within Celestia's mind and causing her to appear in the real world at some point. It would be pretty interesting if we saw her reappear in another episode facing the thoughts of the dream sequence. but so far we haven't. Though she still has not appeared in the real world and instead has been confined to the dreamiverse images.
  14. So, as you can probably already see from the title, the discussion is... Is Daybreaker really a thing in the pony universe. Here are some of my reasons for asking that: So, you probably remember that when she first appeared, Daybreaker was in a dream sequence. A figment of Starlight Glimmer's mind. True, she did speak to Celestia as though she were sentient and not simply a mindless character set out to play a role, but we have seen that the Dream World is similar ot another dimension created by the minds of the ponies within it and connected by Luna. This does ot mean, though, that Daybreaker exists in the Equestria world. While she might be in the Dream World, which may or may not exist, she is not in actual Equestria, where regular Celestia resides. Does this make her real, I do not think so myself. She is simply a figment of Starlight's active imagination from her deadly dream sequence and I do not think that Daybreaker is the real dark side of Celestia. But, hey. That is my opinion. I have created this forum post for the debate of this topic. Is Daybreaker really real? That is why we are here. Please leave a reply of sorts on what you think. I would really like to gather some opinions on this. Thanks!
  15. Phew, I have finally tracked down something from this game... Hehe, I have been following you since the post on the RPG Maker Forums and only now have I finally found another trace of your game. I would like to say that I think that you should definitely keep working on this. Surely it is hard to document every episode of MLP in one game, but think of it this way. The MLP fandom will survive and if G4 ends, then you won't have to worry about constantly having to update every time a new episode comes out. But I guess then we wouldn't have anymore pony material. Anyway, while I encourage you to take a break every once in a while, I would like to implore you to be persistent developing the RPG. I, myself, have tried to develop many different game ideas. I too, at times, have strayed to go work on other projects since the first might not work and I just want to release something, similar to your condition. But yet, it becomes easier to forget your original project. Soon, one day, you may find the project in your files, and find it hard to remember its purpose. I am not trying to be offensive ot anything, but try to keep it in your mind that it is there and that you may have to work on it at some point. You can release your platformer, but please remember this one. There have been quite a few projects in the past which have disappeared from existence because the game dev forgot about them. Anyway, that's all I have to say. Please don't be mad at me. I just really like this idea and I would really like it to exist. Also, for a while I though the project was dead until I found this forum post, so seeing it has made me rather excited, now knowing that it still is being worked on (mostly in time though).
  16. I have been bullied myself as well. I wasn’t really in elementary school until a bit later when I started bringing my stuffed animals. I was kinda a strange kid. Mostly I sat on the far bench and read with my stuffed animals. Then this one guy started taking them and my books and he said that he would burn them. He also bent them in painful directions (both boos and stuffed animals). Eventually, I just got really mad and I stabbed him with a pencil I had been holding the at the time (might sound a bit extreme but by then it had been going for a month and no one wasn’t doing anything about it). By some stroke of luck I was not expelled yet he was suspended (it was a strange school) and people where actually glad as they hated that guy as well so I was a hero for a week which was kinda fun (but then they got in my far bench). Another time, when I went to a Youth group at this church, this kid bullied me for no reason and that went for a while before I fled and ended up in front of the church (I was actually behind a adjunct building before though so it was a bit far). Nobody really did anything till later and even after that it picked up again. So I left the youth group and never returned. I have autism, so I guess that makes me more vulnerable than most. Now I am homeschooled and my friends have mostly left me. But now I have my fandoms and the people of the internet and my art. That is all I need in life .