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  1. As a bi-curious male myself(I'm quite sure I'm straight, though), this seems like a very interesting topic to think about. Men sure tend to be less interested in relationships with other men, often weirding out men that do. I'd say it's mostly because of culture. Boys holding hands is viewed as something weird, when it's perfectly normal for girls to do so. While I do think one's sexual orientation is decided mostly at birth, I think bi-curiousness is something completely different. If you think about it, there's no reason anyone would hate cuddles and affection, even boys. It feels great to know that there's someone else who cares about you. I think most men don't like to show these kind of intimacy just because they grew up thinking it's bad or embarrassing. As for me, I came across some comics about romance between boys while in high school, and that was when I learned that those were a thing. The interesting thing is, I still cringe about being intimate and cuddly with male friends I made before that point. I think it's because boys I met before then were already imprinted in my brain as 'people who I cannot be cuddly with'. My brain is just refusing to change the first impressions it has on my friends. This kind of shows that what you know and think can really change what you like.
  2. qwerE

    S08:E08 - The Parent Map

    I liked it. Pretty much all of the jokes were about Starlight and Sunburst being frustrated by their parents, but they were all enjoyable despite their repetitiveness. I don't know why, but watching Starlight get angry just never gets boring. I loved seeing her face cringe every time her dad called her cute names. It's somewhat cute and hilarious at the same time. Maybe the truth is that Starlight's dad was doing it to see her reactions...who knows?
  3. qwerE

    S08:E07 - Horse Play

    I just figured out that Celestia is super adorable! I loved seeing her wacky side this episode. Twiley was really cute, too. The ending was extremely unrealistic, though. Changing the play in the last minute is one of the worst things you can do to a play. There's no way Fluttershy could've acted out the mane actress without any practice. Acting isn't that easy- even the most experienced actors need at least a week of practice. Still, I don't think it ruined the episode. I just wanted to point it out because I've been practicing for a small play, and learned how hard acting can be. Looks like I wrote a long complaint, but I actually loved this episode. Nothing's better than a cute princess duo!
  4. While it does sound like a clever plan for Chrysalis, I'm not sure if that would be possible in the first place. Interspecies hybrids are almost impossible to get without applying advanced biological tricks. Considering the vast difference between changelings and ponies, I don't think Chrysalis could have conceived a child even if she tried. I don't think there has been any example of a interspecies character in FiM before, and that backs up this theory. (Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth ponies are of the same species, just different race. So a unicorn-earth pony marriage wouldn't be a counterexample, although I can't even think of any interracial couples in FiM as well) Aside from the possibility itself, I think Chrysalis is competent enough to come up with that plan. She managed to kidnap almost everypony in Equestria in the finale of season 6, after all.
  5. qwerE

    S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    Not too bad, but the plot felt a bit contrived. Lovely visuals and music makes up for it, though. While I'm mostly against MLP:the movie being canon, I could definitely see something nice that can come from it- new places and adventures. Maybe I might even change my mind one day. I was glad to see ponies' seapony forms again, too. In my opinion, Terramar had one of the nicest seapony forms, along with other original seaponies. Twilight's new look seemed kind of off, though. I feel like the animators could have changed her a bit more, so that she looked less like a pony. She looked like some half mixed version of pony and seapony. It wasn't terrible, but I think it could've been nicer.
  6. qwerE

    S08:E05 - Grannies Gone Wild

    This episode was just ordinary. Not so funny, nor too bad. I felt bad for the grannies most of the time, but I don't think RD is the one to blame. While I do think Applejack's the one responsible for this, I kind of understand her as well. She just has a tendency to be overprotective. There has been an episode about this with Applebloom, where she couldn't let her be in the house all alone. Being overprotective sure is a problem, but AJ acts that way out of a good cause, so I don't think it's something to hate her on.
  7. qwerE

    S08:E04 - Fake It 'Til You Make It

    This episode was hilarious! I loved the new Fluttershys until they became rude. It was sad that she got caught up too much with the roleplaying and messed herself up. I think it might have been cool if roleplaying became something she does from time to time, but looks like that won't happen seeing how wrong everything went in the end.
  8. qwerE

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  9. qwerE

    S08:E03 - The Maud Couple

    I sure was a bit surprised to see Pinkie mad at somepony, but the episode was enjoyable. Although this wasn't her first time being angry at somepony else,(she was furious at RD for not eating her pies) I'm always quite amused when Pinkie shows emotions other than pure joy. I really like moments like those because it makes the character feel more real, and also just because they're hilarious! Pinkie doing weird stuff is funny, when it's done right.
  10. qwerE

    S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    I hate this episode. Maybe I can spare part 2, but part 1 was certainly the worst episode I've ever seen. Of course, this is just my opinion, and I think it's great if you liked it- everyone has different tastes. First, I didn't like that MLP: the movie is canon. I'm not saying that this ruined the episode, it's just that I find it weird that things in MLP: the movie actually happened in FiM. I liked the movie for what it was, but the plot really didn't feel like that of FiM's. Does this mean all the subcharacters like the pirates, tempest, and the fox guy may appear in the show in the future? I really hope not. Another thing that keeps annoying me is that Twilight is always the one making wrong decisions, while Starlight always makes right choices and fixes things. Why is this always the case? Can't Twilight be the right one for once? I know that the writers made Fluttershy be more assertive after people complained she was not learning her lessons. I think the same thing is happening with Twilight right now. She has now experienced in various occasions that her by-the-book attitute can do more harm than good. It's about time she changed. Twilight is one of my favourite characters in the show, and it makes me sad that she hasn't been doing much, except for ruining things, compared to Starlight. Twilight is one of the smartest and kindest ponies in Equestria. She was the one crowned the princess of friendship by Celestia. I think she needs to get more episodes where she's the hero. This also goes for the rest of the mane 6 - they haven't been the spotlight of an important episode for quite a while. I like Starlight, but I want to see the mane 6 be the heroes again. In almost every episode featuring the mane 6, they all do almost identical things, while Starlight gets to do something special. In School Daze for example, they all become professors, fail to teach, tries to cheer up Twilight but fails, and save the kids. No one does anything memorable. On the other hand, Starlight gets to be special- and things she does are much more memorable because they are unique. Maybe letting one of the mane 7 take turns being the 'special one' would solve the problem. Starlight could've been the professor this episode, she's pretty much one of the mane 6 now. I would love to see Starlight fully become a member of the mane 7, instead of the awkward protagonist-like status she has right now. Finally, part 1 was too long and painful to watch. I get that they are messed up, and it's not funny. It feels horrible to see the mane 6 having a terrible time. I also didn't want to see Twilight be the stubborn, boring headmaster. I was infuriated by the head of EEA - for making Twilight become the irritating pony she was in the episode, and for his awful, arrogant behaviour. He was also so racist(or speciest?) and ruined everything. I've never really hated anypony in the show before him, but seeing his actions made me actually furious. I really hoped Celestia would fire him, or scold him at least, after he openly insulted the creatures Celestia invited to the school. Why isn't Celestia doing anything about him? He almost started a world war with his racist(or speciest) remarks. I didn't like the songs that much either. The new students were cool though. Pretty much the only thing that made the episode bearable at least. Please don't let the rest of season 8 be about the school, though... I've had enough. But who's going to teach if the mane 6 all quit? Hmmm...
  11. qwerE

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  12. qwerE

    S07:E25+E26 - Shadow Play

    Well, this was not certainly the best episode ever, but I did find it quite enjoyable. As many point out, the story wasn't well devised. Starlight was the only one with sense, and no one even considered giving her idea a thought.(Although they were being rational from a real-life perspective, this is MLP where friendship is everything) I do know that Starlight is great and all, but I think she's getting too many major roles. She's been the core part of the story in all two-parters since she came out. As much as I love Starlight Glimmer, I want to see the mane 6 do something again. Well, besides the over-usage of Starlight in the plot, I liked the episode. I'm sure it could have been much better, but this was good enough.
  13. qwerE

    S07:E24 - Uncommon Bond

    I love seeing Starlight with Sunburst! It's the only pair that I ship in MLP. It's funny how I liked Starlight being pissed off by Sunburst, though. I could see how irritated she was from her expressions, and a genuine jealousy like that is something you can only expect from Starlight. She's such a different pony from everypony else, and I love this kind of uniqueness in her. I really enjoyed this episode, and I think I'm starting to like Starlight more as I see more of what she's like.