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  1. This episode was excellent compared to the one that came before. The lesson didn't feel forced, the jokes were funny, and the process in which Twilight learned her lesson made sense. What I didn't like about the previous episode was that RD seemingly randomly changed her mind and learned her lesson. In this episode, TS realizes how mean she had been to Pinkie by being treated by Sunburst the same way and getting apologized afterwards. This makes her change in heart much less forced, and even gets the lesson across in a more convincing manner. The theme and storyline felt original, too. I loved the theme of a quiz show, as it brought in a whole new fun of trying to get the answers into the episode. The questions were mostly easy, but there were some that I couldn't remember and added to the challenge. Finally, the slapstick style jokes were simple but worked well. The whole of the episode was filled with exciting and interesting moments. I can see why some people dislike the freaky Twi part of the episode, because I usually do too. However, Twi actually turns to relying on a unfair strategy of using the rulebook in this episode, and that part was hilarious. It was like seeing what an 'evil' version on Twi would be like. The scene where she tells Fluttershy "rule x.x - no help from pets!" was my favourite.
  2. I always feel bad when I have to say this, but this episode was boring. It was just 17 minutes of RD being annoying and irresponsible (I do not dislike her at all, but that was how she was portrayed) along with a cheerleading song that didn't sound that good.
  3. This was a fun episode to watch. Cheese Sandwich is one of my favorite ponies that hasn't been on the show for a while, and I loved the concept of Pinkie trying to help her old friend who was once her biggest rival. The ending was a bit of a letdown, though. Considering the state he was in, Cheese recovered from his depression too easily and abruptly, ruining the story. The song didn't sound bad but felt a bit out of place as well. What I would've liked was a song about Pinkie gradually brightening Cheese up, by showing him how he made other ponies smile. At the end of the song Cheese would be his old self again, smiling and laughing.
  4. I liked it. What a cute episode. Visuals: The new movie style looks fantastic! It brings a more modern look to the episode and shows that the showmakers can pull this new style off even without a huge budget. I know that the animators who make the usual episodes weren't the ones responsible for this new episode, but still. Music: The music was okay. It wasn't as memorable as the ones in the movie, but that'd be expecting too much for a ordinary special. Story: It was okay, but a bit simple. I'd say the story is the only part I wish was better. The mane 6 basically faced no adversities in the process of bringing color to the town, and there was no element of surprise whatsoever. It's a cute, wholesome story, but not an interesting one. 'Best Gift Ever' will still be the best special episode for me. That episode was perfect...
  5. I agree with everyone on how the sideline story with the mane 6 was a bit lousy, but really liked the episode as a whole. The story about the sisters had a lot of fuuny joke moments which clicked with me, and the overall plot about the sisters was interesting. Not much else to say, was a solid episode overall
  6. I had no idea Scootaloo's parents were showing up in this episode, so the story was quite a surprise. There's probably evidence that proves otherwise, but I always imagined scoot to not have parents at all, due to them going missing or dying in an accident. I remember there being a fan theory which suggests this and that's likely where I got the idea. I like this episode's happier version of the story more, so no complaints there. Congrats to Scoot for having her parents, I guess? I liked the overall plot, even the ending. Despite that fact, I can also relate to many people who were dissapointed by the ending. I too was wondering how the show will cope with some of the more serious issues such as the seperation of friends, so I was let down when the ending was different from what I expected. In retrospect, however, I'm glad the episode ended the way it did. It would have really broken my heart if the CMC broke. As much as I'd like to see much more mature issues being dealt with in FiM, I want Scoot, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle to be happy. Cutie Mark Crusaders forever!
  7. The overall plot was a bit mundane, but both the jokes and the lesson felt original and they were what made the episode interesting for me. Work-friend balance was a problem that hadn't been dealt with before, maybe with Twilight but not with Starlight. I think this moral is targeted more towards adults who are too engrossed in work to spend time with their kids and friends. I found this plot relatable. It's not that I was neglecting my friends, and rather that I was thinking I should do more work instead of spending my time off with my friends. Throughout the episode, I realized how my thoughts were flawed. Time spent meeting my friends was equally as precious as time spent doing work, and there was no need to neglect one to prioritize another. The jokes were hilarious, too. The ones I especially liked were Maud saying "Just when I thought he couldn't be better" when Mud turns into stone, and SilverStream saying "You weren't that helpful anyway". Both were original jokes that hadn't been done before, and that made them stand out even more.
  8. Hmm. Not much to say about this one. To be honest, this was just a meh episode for me. The slapstick style of jokes where Big Mac would smash into things weren't the type of things I find particularly funny, and the episode felt really calm in general. I got the feeling that Big Mac was behind everything in the middle of the episode, and knowing that killed a bit of suspense on whether the Great Seedling was real as well. Maybe we'll get to see him(or possibly her) later... but now wasn't the time I guess.
  9. Finally, an episode about Garble being reformed. I thought he had changed a bit when Ember became the dragon lord and made him hug everybody, but looks like I was wrong. That Garble was Smolder's brother was a shock, too. Not too radical, but unexpected nonetheless. I feel that the writers are giving FiM its final touches. Things that needed to be sorted out are getting done, one by one. This was a necessary episode, and I'm glad that I'll be able to see a 'nice' Garble from now on.
  10. The best villain episode ever. The 'villain 3' (or some better name for those 3 that people gave) were cute and hillarious! I'm looking forward to seeing their episodes as much as the episodes for the mane 6. Up until now, I honestly didn't care as much about the villains than I did about the mane 6 and their friends. I really like the writers' approach of giving the villains their own regular episodes, instead of just the finales and the premeres they'd been getting all along. This really tells us much more about their personalities, and makes them feel much more like an individual being rather than a generic antagonist. I really wonder what the villain 3's next plan will be. My guess on the story is probably that they'll try to fight Twilight on their own without Grogar and fail, but learn about the magic of friendship in the process and become Twilight's friends, then fight Grogar as a team with the mane 6 in the finale.
  11. This was an ok episode. Yona talking like Rarity was the funny part for me. Her dacing was cute, too. I agree. Although I mostly liked the episode, people who say that the lessons are too repetitive certainly have a point. I know the lesson 'be yourself' is important, especially to kids who are prone to suffer from peer pressure. However, the last episode 'common ground' already covered the same issue and having the same lesson twice in a row seems excessive. This lesson also undermines the importance of trying to learn new things outside your comfort zone. Being yourself is obviously important and all, but Yona being punished (as in, punished by the storywriters) for trying to learn a pony dance seems absurd. I thought it was really sweet of her to practice hard to learn a new pony culture, and really felt happy for her when she finally mastered the moves. But after all that work, she messes up and embarrasses herself because of her dress. I couldn't help but feel that was a bit unfair. Being yourself is important. But how do you know what you are if you don't try out things that you don't know? It is entirely possible that Yona turns out to be a Yak who likes pony dance, and foods like cupcakes. I know this isn't the intended effect, but this story may subconsciously reinforce the idea that Yona should do things that Yaks do, because she belongs to that group. When I saw Yona in her dress with everyone saying she looked weird, it kind of reminded of me as a brony. Other creatures may think Yona looks weird, but I don't think that should stop her from trying pony things.
  12. Not a bad episode, but the jokes just didn't click on me. Not much to say about this one.
  13. Before watching the episode, the title of this episode really made me wonder what it could be about (I don't read the synopsis beforehand becuase I love being surprised). I thought it was going to be something serious beause the title 'The Point of No Return' sounded so grand. I cuckled when the story turned out to be about twilight having a 8-year overdue book . I like this title because it shows how overly serious Twilight felt about the situation, while being directly related with the story of not returning a book. I can't clearly explain why, but I love the main concept behind this episode. The situation of Twilight having an 8-year overdue library book is just somehow so funny! Just thinking about the idea made me smile while writing this. I guess it's because not returning a book is exactly the kind of thing that Twilight will freak out about, and brings me up images of her doing that. The flashback scene featuring Moondancer and restaurant 'Tasty Treat' was a good touch to the episode, too. Maybe it's becuase MLP:FiM is coming to an end, but I really started to appreciate the kind of scenes that remind me of previous episodes. It makes me feel nostalgic, but also glad that past characters are doing well. Didn't know it but I kinda feel sad now... On a sidenote, I heard that this will be the last episode written by GM Barrow. To be honest, I never looked up the writers and saw who wrote what, so I'm not too familiar with them. But still, I'd like to thank her for writing this super entertaing episode. I hope she does well, even outside the MLP:FiM series!
  14. I'm not sure if I can trust Nick, but I'll give it a try.
  15. This episode was really, really fun. Props to all the writers who did their best to make the 200th episode of FiM a memorable one! This episode had a really great concept, along with nice execution. I was so pumped up about everthing when Shining Armor explained the game and wasn't dissapointed at the end. What made this episode so fun to watch? Jokes, the story, and the twist - pretty much everything. Here are some of the jokes I liked. Twiley pudding face (that face is so cute) Pink space pony Twilight going "But there's more than that! ..Okay it's exactly that" When compared to 'Slice of life', I'd say I like this one much more. This episode had a more interesting plot, in my opinion. It's not that I hate 'Slice of life', but that episode was more like a review of memes and a shoutout to the community, than an actual episode with a storyline. That was also fun in its own way, but I prefer normal episodes like these.