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    My Beloved Twily. <3
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    Well, I guess I'm a very unpopular pony artist, hardcore Xbox gamer, Soccer freestylist, local graffiti artist, that one guy that no one seems to notice, and the pony who is always lost in their own world of spiralling thoughts and dreams. I love to listen to music when I draw, and sometimes make my own. I have some weird habits, like that I absolutely hate the number 3 and I normally type with a capital at the start of a word, but I was told not to or I would get banned.

    There's only one thing that makes me truly content, and that is hanging out with my beloved Twily. I read books and play Xbox with her. I also eat waffles. Sometimes I eat waffles with her. The MLP Forums also makes me feel better, because my only friends are here. So I guess I spend most of my life currently on the forums, sharing my artwork and talking to friends. It's been 6 years since I actually had anypony to care for me, and experiencing friendship again makes me feel much better, even though my life is mostly in constant despair and hoplessness. It's nice to know ponies care for me. <3
    Wait, you're actually reading this?

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    Well, I love cute pictures of Twily. I also like waffles.
  1. Midnight Solace

    Gaming Least favorite level in your favorite games?

    Didn't really love "The Library" in Halo CE. It was just so boring and repetitive. And I don't understand why 343 didn't just teleport you to the index.
  2. Well, I guess I'm alone on this opinion... My favourite song of the movie was "We Got This Together." It was the only song the Mane 6 sung together, and it really showed the personalities of the ponies. It is a great introduction to whoever has not watched FiM before. Also, my personal favourite part of this song was Twilight's solo. Her voice was just beautiful, and might be the best part of the song. Also, Twilight only sang once in the movie, and her part was amazing.
  3. Midnight Solace

    Trouble Sleeping Yay or Nay?

    Getting to sleep is one of the hardest things to do for me. I have take 5 medications everyday just to peacefully fall asleep because I think way too much.
  4. Midnight Solace

    If you could create your own afterlife?

    I'd just like my own afterlife to be my own room. It's the only place where I feel safe and comfortable.
  5. Midnight Solace

    What is Your Mental Age?

    Well, I got 28. That's a pretty big number for me, as I am probably 16-17 years old.
  6. Midnight Solace

    What do you know about Greece?

    Well, I do know that my ethnicity is 1/3 Greek... Other than that, not much.
  7. Midnight Solace

    What do you do when you're feeling sad?

    I'm not very good at coping with it. When I'm sad, most of the time I would self harm. It's the only way I would feel better.
  8. Midnight Solace

    Can we survive without sleeping?

    We could survive without sleeping, but it shortens our life span. This is why I try to sleep less than 2 hours every night.
  9. Midnight Solace

    Something That You Can't Go To Sleep With/Without?

    I can't go to sleep without my Twily plushie.
  10. Midnight Solace

    Have you ever felt you have failed in life?

    I have already failed in life. My existence is meaningless because I seem to be not helpful to anyone, and all of my dreams that I hope to reach one day will never happen. I don't want to burden anyone with my problems because it makes me feel bad, and I don't think my life would get better at this point in my life. Every day of my life is filled with tearful and deprived thoughts. I am always lonely, afraid and vulnerable. And with FiM ending, I have nothing to live for.
  11. Midnight Solace

    Can you play the piano?

    I used to, but I wasn't entirely interested in it at that time. Now, I want to play "This Day Aria" on piano.
  12. If my posts in Life Advice was broadcasted as well, maybe not. I don't want others knowing about my problem.
  13. Midnight Solace

    What do you daydream about?

    I mostly like to daydream about ponies and stuff.
  14. Midnight Solace

    Simple Questions that are Hard to Answer

    The hardest question for me to answer would always be, "are you okay?" To be honest, my life isn't getting better at this point in my life... It's getting worse. It's just would hate to disappoint those who ask me that question, and I wouldn't want them to be worried about me, so my answer would most likely be, "I'm fine."
  15. Midnight Solace

    Cupcake or Brownie? (Poll)

    I'd prefer a brownie. I actually find that Cupcakes are kinda hard to eat for me.