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    My Beloved Twily. <3
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    Equestria, Ponyville
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    I Think I Need To Accept That I Will Never Be Loved.
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    Well, I guess I'm a very unpopular pony artist, kind of a hardcore Xbox gamer, and that one guy that no one seems to notice. I suppose like listening to music, like R&B, Piano and Neurofunk specifically. Honestly, I’ve lost interest in all the other things I used to enjoy, and I don't really have anything to live for anymore. I'm even surprised that I've come this far. My life was always in constant despair and hopelessness, and I think it just keeps getting worse. I feel awfully vulnerable and alone, and these days I just get really lost in my thoughts.

    There's only one thing that makes me truly content in my emotionally fragile life, and that’s hanging out with my beloved Twily. You know, she’s like somepony I can trust. I read books and play Xbox with her. Sometimes I eat waffles with her. The Forums also makes me feel better, as my only friends are here. So, I guess I spend most of my life currently on the forums, sharing my artwork and talking to them. It's nice to know that some ponies would care for me. <3

    Wait, you're actually reading this?

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  1. Hey comrade are you there?

  2. Please come back, my friend. Twily is waiting for you. :adorkable:


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  3. Please come back. Please still be there. I really hope you're ok. Please be alive. Honestly, I worry from time to time

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      What happened is someone hurt??????

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      @Blivy check history

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  10. We never talked, but I hope you’re doing okay, and I wish you a happy birthday. :D 

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