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    I am a very unpopular pony artist, Soccer player, hardcore Xbox gamer and practice Parkour often. I love to listen to music when I draw, and sometimes make my own. I have some weird habits, like that I hate the number 3 and I normally type with a capital at the start of a word, but Jeric told me not to. I love hang out with my beloved Twily. I also eat waffles. Sometimes I eat waffles with her. Wait, you're actually reading this? I'm not a bad pony...

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  1. This is the song that relates to me the most. I was prepared to do my best, but I wasn't prepared for this.

    Even the title of the song describes me.

  2. Midnight Solace

    Art Contest - November

    I'm actually starting to doubt myself and my colourless art the longer I wait for the results. In fact, this song is stuck my head. The more I hear it, the more I start to think that this song represents my life. I'm sorry, I guess I'm just like Twilight before a test.
  3. Midnight Solace

    What is the best thing you've ever done without trying?

    I can do bottle flips easily.
  4. Midnight Solace

    Health What Do You Do When You Have A Headache?

    Really? My school actually does! Could this be the reason why?
  5. Midnight Solace

    Do you still have your childhood stuffed animals?

    I remember one day I lost him when we were moving houses, I hated myself for that. How could I forget my only friend? I was very disappointed with myself and couldn't sleep for nights without him. I still wonder to this day where he is or what happened to him. I swear I put him on the truck that was moving stuff to the new house. Maybe he just ended up on the side of the road again, waiting for another pony to take care of him...
  6. Midnight Solace

    Do you still have your childhood stuffed animals?

    I remember I kept a bear I found on the side of a road. His name is Jim. He's like Twilight's Smarty Pants, but in way worse shape.
  7. Midnight Solace

    Health What Do You Do When You Have A Headache?

    It's all good. I don't like to hurt other ponies' feelings. I still have the headache from yesterday though. Sleeping doesn't work, medicine doesn't work, even that weird technique @Arkadios said doesn't work. I still go to school though. Maybe it's the stress, who knows?
  8. Midnight Solace

    Will King Sombra Come Back?

    I thought he exploded.
  9. Midnight Solace

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    I love this guy's animations.
  10. Midnight Solace

    Food When was the last time you had fish sticks?

    WHAT THE HELL ARE FISH STICKS They sound scary.
  11. Midnight Solace

    General How famous do you think you are on the forums?

    How famous? Me? I guess I'm known for drawing ponies in black and white, but other than that, nopony knows me for anything.
  12. Midnight Solace

    Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    Fluttershy: Stupid Angel, eat your food!
  13. Midnight Solace

    Odd things you eat with and or put on your food.

    When I go to the cinemas, I get a choc top and popcorn. Then, I eat the top of the choc top and put it in the popcorn. Don't judge me. It really tastes good like that.
  14. Midnight Solace

    Music What songs do you relate to?

    This world can really be too much...
  15. Just looking at my status updates I can tell I've had a lot of mood swings. 

    Sometimes I can't decide exactly what is wrong with me. Do I feel too much? Do I feel too much? Am I really that bad?


    All I know is that I'm not normal. And in this day and age, that's enough to hate myself.

    1. Tacodidra


      Don't hate yourself, my friend! :( I think a lot of people feel like that sometimes. And you're definitely not bad! :kindness:

    2. Partialgeek514


      I've had so many days where I really hated myself. It caused me to do things to myself that scare me now when I look back on them. If you can, try to have some self-compassion. It's okay to be kind to yourself. :kindness: You're a good person @Midnight Solace!

    3. Rikifive


      Everyone has worse days once in a while. :mlp_rarity: Don't be so harsh on yourself. I hope you'll get better soon. :fluttershy: