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    My Beloved Twily.
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    Well, I guess I'm a very unpopular pony artist, hardcore Xbox gamer, Soccer freestylist, local graffiti artist, and used to actually be cool. I love to listen to music when I draw, and sometimes make my own. I have some weird habits, like that I hate the number 3 and I normally type with a capital at the start of a word, but I was told not to or I would get BANNED.
    There's only one thing that makes me truly content, and that is hanging out with my beloved Twily. I read books and play Xbox with her. I also eat waffles. Sometimes I eat waffles with her. The MLP Forums also makes me feel happy, more specifically, my only friends are here. So I guess I spend most of my life currently on the forums, sharing my artwork and talking to friends. It's been 6 years since I actually had anypony to care for me, and experiencing friendship again makes me feel much better, even though my life is mostly in constant despair and hoplessness. It's nice to know ponies care for me. <3
    Wait, you're actually reading this?

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  1. Midnight Solace

    What is the dumbest way you have ever injured yourself?

    I feel like falling over is always the stupidest way to injure yourself.
  2. I think because it's better than carrying actual physical cash. Because I think in the future, there won't be any physical copies of money because it can potentially be copied, and it's more convenient to hold it in a credit card than carrying all that money.
  3. What? I never really cared about the rating of stuff... That's just weird.
  4. Midnight Solace

    Which animal would you like to become?

    I always wanted to be a unicorn so I could work magic. Right now, I'm just a flightless pegasus.
  5. Midnight Solace

    What is your earliest memory?

    I remember all the bad things, so I don't think I could say...
  6. Midnight Solace

    What is something you wish you were pro at?

    I always wished I was good at art...
  7. Midnight Solace

    General Why are Bronies shunned in the real world

    Simply put, society sucks.
  8. Midnight Solace

    If you could date anyone

    I'll date Twilight anyday.
  9. Midnight Solace

    Artists, what does your desk look like?

    Let's just say mine looks like trash. I try to clean it every once in a while, but I'm scared to go out of my room.
  10. Midnight Solace

    We need more Luna episodes for season 9!

    Of course we need more Luna, I can't remember a single episode based on Luna for the last two seasons. We want Moonbutt!
  11. It would be too easy to say that I feel invisible. Instead, I feel painfully visible, and entirely ignored.

    1. DivineGlow1000


      You’re invisible?! Can you walk through walls?

  12. Even though I don't know him that well, I feel very bad for Pathy.
  13. Image result for sleepyheads mlp

    Good night, everypony. I always hoped that tomorrow would get better, every single night.

  14. Midnight Solace

    Christmas Presents!

    @Bas, here's a plane ticket to Melbourne. Come give me a hug. Here you go, @Phosphor. A huge ass telescope so you can see Equestria! I'm gonna give @TwilySparky a life size Rainbow Dash Plush. And for @Jeric, here's some toilet paper. I'd probably give more presents, but I don't know what my other friends like...
  15. Midnight Solace

    General What Is Your Religion?

    Celestianism. Praise the sun!