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    Well, I guess I'm a very unpopular pony artist, hardcore Xbox gamer, Soccer freestylist, local graffiti artist, and used to actually be cool. I love to listen to music when I draw, and sometimes make my own. I have some weird habits, like that I hate the number 3 and I normally type with a capital at the start of a word, but I was told not to or I would get BANNED.
    There's only one thing that makes me truly content, and that is hanging out with my beloved Twily. I read books and play Xbox with her. I also eat waffles. Sometimes I eat waffles with her. The MLP Forums also makes me feel happy, more specifically, my only friends are here. So I guess I spend most of my life currently on the forums, sharing my artwork and talking to friends. It's been 6 years since I actually had anypony to care for me, and experiencing friendship again makes me feel much better, even though my life is mostly in constant despair and hoplessness. It's nice to know ponies care for me. <3
    Wait, you're actually reading this?

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About Me

Wow, didn't think anypony was going to read this. I guess I should talk about myself because it says "About Me?" :-D

Hey, I'm Midnight and I like to draw pretty art. Except I'm bad at art. My home is in Cloudsdale, but right now I'm in Ponyville. I'm a pegasus, but I can't fly there because my wings are broken. Long story. In the meantime, I talk to ponies on the forums, draw stuff, sleep, hang out with Twily, and eat waffles. 

Sometimes my life is too much for me, but I'll just pretend everything's okay. Most of the time.


Ponies who hide their feelings usually care the most, like I have did for the last 6 years. But if this is how my life is going to be, I don't want it anymore. But tears need to be written...

I hate the feeling when you really don't have any emotion. You feel so empty. You're not happy, you're not sad. You're nothing. When your mind is spinning, but you can't feel anything.

I think the saddest ponies always try their hardest to make others happy, because they know what it's like to feel absolutely worthless... And they don't want anypony else to feel like that. 


Twilight Might Be The Only Thing I Live For.





Yes, I am Twi. :twismile:

Twily <3:wub:

Congrats, you reached the bottom. :mlp_wink: