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  1. Definitely watching Stranger Things 3 and shooting off fireworks with my family!
  2. I just want to say that every one of you guys are loved. Even though it may not seem like it right now, people care about you. Maybe you don't think you have any friends or maybe you think you'll be lonely forever, but as long as you're always yourself, the right friends will stay and somebody WILL come along and be there for you. It's never the end. Eating some crackers is better than eating nothing. Brushing your teeth for 30 second rather than 2 minutes is better than nothing. Getting dressed in the morning is better than staying in your clothes from the previous night/day. Two hours of sleep is better than none. It's the little things. the small steps that help you get better. Nothing just happens that quickly. If you feel don't even feel like getting out of bed, that is OK. Just remember that you don't need other people to make you happy so don't let other people make you unhappy. I know that sometimes having good people in your life can, yes, make you happy. But that doesn't mean you can't be happy and alone. All it takes is the small steps. Self care. No more depressing music. You are loved. I love you. You are accepted. I accept you.
  3. Wellp it’s been over a month and nobody else as said their part
  4. Wow I’m really excited for this! its going to be so much fun!!
  5. Ikari Kitsu ran through the bustling docks of Baltimare, turning his head inside out trying soak everything in. In the distance was the silhouette of a large ship, scheduled to leave just ten minutes from them. If Ikari didn't hurry, he would miss the departure. Luckily, he travels light. The only luggage he had was a small brown saddlebag filled with bits and other useful assorted items. Ikari reached the ship with plenty of time to spare. He then adjusted the red and white bandanna around his head, and stepped on board. --Or at least he tried... His hoof had magically taken a turn too far to the right and he fell off the dock and into the icy water.
  6. That makes sense. And we could all just post our respective parts for this?
  7. Cool. Well it doesn't really seem like people are ready??? I guess we can start. Where should we start off?
  8. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!!!!!!! Grey's Anatomy Stranger Things Sword Art Online Fairy Tale Game of Thrones Avatar the Last Airbender H2O Just Add Water
  9. I can relate to that! I have tons of phases I go through with being pretty obsessed with something. Maybe five years ago, there was a couple weeks where I just drew up all my own pony characters after tracing the base on the window Then there was the rubix cube stage, pokemon stage, MLP card game stage, stages for specific books, soccer stage, clay stage, DIY stage, bracelet making stage, ... and more....