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    Possible Character Birthdays

    I'm trying to guess which date of birth would fit the characters of MLP:FIM Twilight Sparkle: August 7 (Friendship Day) Rainbow Dash: October 10(Health and Sports Day) or March 10 (RD's Speed is Mach 10 ) Fluttershy: April 22(Earth day) Applejack: September 26 (Johnny Appleseed Day) Rarity: May 4 (Audrey Hepburn’s birthday) or Earlier September (Fashion Week) Pinkie Pie: December 15 (Cupcake Day) or October 30th (Sweetest Day) Spike: April 5th(April is the month of the Dragon, the 5th Zodiac) Princess Cadence: February 14 (Valentine’s Day) Princess Flurry Heart: March 26 (Crystalling airdate) Princess Celestia: June 21 (Summer Solstice) Princess Luna: December 21 (Winter Solstice) Sunset Shimmer: September 21 (Autumn Equinox) Starlight Glimmer: March 21 (Spring Equinox) Shining Armor: March 14 (White Day) Sweetie Bell: May 5 (Children's Day) Applebloom: October 31st ( Candy Apple Day) Scootaloo: May 19 (Scooter Day) Discord: April 1st ( April Foal's Day) Tirek: April 14 (Release date of Rescue from Midnight Castle) or November 22 (Sagittarius Zodiac Sign) Queen Chrysalis: June 18-24 (National Insect Week) Nurse Redheart: May 8 (Red-Cross Day) or May 12 (Nurse Day) Octavia: August 8 or October 8(octa means eight in Latin) Big Mac: January 24 (release date of the original Apple Mac) Maud Pie: July 17 (World Emoji Day) Trixie: March 14 (Houdini's Birthday) or October 31st(National magic Day) Granny Smith: October 20th (Granny Smith Festival) Mr. Cake and Mrs. Cake: November 26 (National Cake Day) Coco Pommel: August 19 (Coco Chanel’s birthday) Vinyl Scratch: January 20 (National DJ Day) Derpy Hooves: July 11(Blueberry Muffin Day) Lyra Heartstrings: March 17 (St.Patrick's Day) Cheerilee: October 5th (International Teacher's Day) Time Turner: April 18 (David Tennant's Birthday) Colgate/Minuette: January 25 (William Colgate’s Birthday) Daring Do/AK Yearling: June 12 (release date of Raiders of the Lost Ark) or July 31 (J.K Rowling’s Birthday) Cheese Sandwich: October 23 or April 12 Joe: June 3 (Doughnut Day)
  2. twilightsparkle87

    Mane 6 Birthdays?

    Twilight Sparkle: August 7 (Friendship Day) Pinkie Pie:October 7 (World Smile Day) Fluttershy April 26 :(Arbor Day) Rainbow Dash : April 3(National Rainbow Day) April 6 (1st Summer Olympics) or June/July/August (Summer) Applejack : September 25 (Apple Day) or Cider Season (October 20) Rarity: September 8 (Fashion Week)