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  1. Grogar freeing all the villains from Tartarus, some joining the evil ram in his worldwide conquest A Neighsayer and Pinkie Episode Spike's True Origin Celestia,Luna and Shining having a decent fight A revelation an what happened to AJ's Parents A Nightmare Night Episode staring Luna and Discord the Series Finale being a 90-Minute TV Movie A Decent Western Episode Starring Applejack Pinkie Pie, Party Favor and Cheese Sandwich preparing the Best Party Every. A Starlight and Starswirl Episode ( I want to see Starswirl reaction when he discovers Starlight masted his Time Travel Spell) A CMC meeting Starlight The Pony of Shadows fusing with Grogar,becoming a all-powerful threat The series going out with a bang. A Lauren Faust Cameo
  2. twilightsparkle87

    How Would I Written MLP:FIM

    Eons ago Equestria was one a giant continent where all species and races live in harmony until race war and power struggle out( started The Alicorn Royal Family, particaly, Queen Galaxia and King Orion by Celestia and Luna ’s parents. They believed that Equestria belonged only to the Alicorn race and that other creatures were beneath them) between all creatures catastrophe that split the continent into 7 pieces. Galaxia, Orion, Cosmos (Celestia’s borther) and rest of Tia’s tyrannical kin was banished into the deepest dark part of space by Celestia and Luna but vowed to one day return Celestia main goal is for the Mane 6 to spread friendship to across Equetria and beyond in order to unite all races in preparation for the upcoming showdown against the former Royal Bloodline. Make each season 26-33 episodes Nightmare moon Incident: Luna becomes Nightmare Moon and overpowers Celestia and takes over Equestria in a state of darkness for months.Celesia survives, retreats to find allies in order to overthrew Nightmare Moon and save Equestria Include G1 characters like Firefly,Gusty,Wind Whistker,Majesty,Galaxia,Grogar,Katrina, etc. Mane 6 battling an evil group known as The Elements of Disharmony that (think of Deceptions from Transformers ) Rainbow Dash having the potential to control 7 different weather elements based on her rainbow color scheme (Red-Heatwave, Orange-Dust Devil, Yellow-Lightning, Green-Tornado, Blue-Rain, Indigo-Hailstorm, and Violet-Thunder) Earth Ponies/Pegasus can become Unicorns/Alicorns by unlocking all 7 chakras. Unicorns/Alicorns having Alien Origins Cadence having tomboyish interests (listening to rock n roll, being adrenaline junkie) Season 1: Make it more mature and less childish. Have Luna appear in Best Night Ever. Foreshadow or mention Shining Armor, Princess Cadence, Spoiled Milk, Sunset Shimmer etc. certain episodes (Boast Busters,Ticket Master etc.) being 11 minutes Season 2. The Apple-Pear Feud being mentioned in Apple family Reunion Dragon Quest. Peewee’s parents being killed by Garble, leaving the young phoenix an orphan until Spike came along to raise him as his own. Pinkie Pie learning that there are ponies that prefer to be introverts and she shouldn’t force somepony to be her friend. Season 3: Give King Sombra more screen time in the Season 3 premiere, Replace Applejack with Rarity in “Spike at Your Service”. Split Keep Calm and Flutter On and Magical Mystery Cure into two episodes each Season 4: The crystal box and Tree of Harmony being inside off the Castle of The Two Sisters. Daring Do being a former secret agent of the Equestria Monster Agency. Trouble Shoes being framed for sabotaging the Rodeo so it’s up to the CMC to clear his name. Equestria Games being a 90-minute TV Movie Applejack learning the dangers of being overprotective in Somepony TO Watch Over Me Twilight's Kingdom: Once they've returned everything to normal, the Rainbow Power returns to the chest. The crystal box then flies to the Luna and Celestia's former castle , then transform it into it's former glory, becoming The Mane 6's new headquarters Season 5: Starlight being a recurring villain. Rainbow Dash wearing her Daring Do costume in Lost Treasure of Griffonstone. Do Ponies Dream of Magic Sheep: an evil creature is haunting the dreams of everypony and is planning returning to possess Luna once more to continue her Equestria conquering quest .Celestia appearing to her sister’s aid .Twilight having a quesadillas nightmare. Filthy Rich being a Batman-eques superhero. CMC’s Cutie Marks: Applebloom's CM would resemble a flask with a emblem of an apple on it,Sweetie Bells would be a magic wand with a musical note imprinted on it, and Scootaloo's would be a wheel with wings with a thunderbolt in the center Cutie Remark: Twilight and Spike meeting themselves in the alternate timelines. Showing a scenario where Sunset Shimmer,The Sirens,Trixie,Midnight Sparkle,Tantabus, Vines planted by Discord, and Starlight herself won. Starlight’s potential backstories: A.Starlight and Sunburst grew up in a Nazi-eques city in Germaney were Unicorns were viewed as the master race and the leader, Lipizzaner were planning to wipe out all non-unicorns and take over the world until they were stopped by the Equestrian Secret agency. Sunburst and Starlight then were sent to an orphanage. Years later Sunburst would be adopted by a family after getting his cutie mark. Years later Starlight would meet Sunburst at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, only to eventual discover her friend join a unicorn suprema club and plans to finish what Lipizaner started. This revelation would leave Starlight heartbroken but determine to create her own equality village, but somewhere down the line her ideology would eventually twisted into something sinister, Communism/Marxism. B. Starlight having a case of Tall Poppy Syndrome: In which was blessed with Alicorn-level magic since childhood and excel in the magic arts, and graduating college from an early age. While others highly praise the brilliant but humble Starlight, others ponies, including her instructors and friends grew green with envy, feeling inferior to the point they isolated her from the groups. Even Sunburst, Starlight’s BFF felt he wasn’t worthy to be her partner due to their difference in power. This causes Starlight to developed a inferiority complex and later on life she would build her own village where many ponies who also suffered Tall Poppy Syndrome would feel home. The unicorn would developed a god complex when she convinced the villagers to give up their special talents ( and cutie marks) in order to be equaling truth she was using said talents to power herself up to become an Alicorn-level sorceress, while selling other cutie on the black market for profit. Starlight’s Fate A. Starlight outright refuses to listen to Twilight's reasoning and vows to continue her quest for vengeance. Coming to terms with the fact that not every villain will be reasonable or accept the magic of friendship, takes Starlight's magic away, ending with her imprisoned in the Canterlot dungeons and festering in a stew of bitterness and fury. B. Starlight reforms but is place on house arrest in the dungeon and is only released when called by the cutie map or Twilight Sparkle Season 6: Explore lands beyond Ponyville/Canterlot, like Applewood, Unicorn Range, and YakYakistan etc. The Cart before the Ponies being a Wacky Races/Mario Kart/Speed Racer style episode To where and Back Again: Chrysalis kidnapping all Equestrian leaders and replacing them with changelings so they could take over Equestria. Show HOW Chrysalis fillynap the Mane 6, Royal Family and Spike. Put Ember, Maud Pie and Gilda in Starlight’s Group to fill in for Spike, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash. The Channeling Kingdom having a Mongolian themed kingdom and be hidden in a imension. The changelings keeping the original designs. Some changelings join Thorax while others remain with Chrysalis. Season 7: Starlight appearing in Marks and Recreation Starlight joining the CMC Daring Do fighting a new enemy, maybe an ancient vampire 6 episodes before the events of Shadow Play, the mane 6 each find an artifact belonging to the Pillars of Equestria Shadow Play: The Pony of Shadows name being Erebus and was the dark entity sent it’s part of his essence to possessed Luna into becoming Nightmare Moon in order for her to kill Celestia, extinguish the sun, and bring forth Eternal Night, in order to wipe all non-nocturnal life so his Lunarian kind could rule Equestria in a world of darkness. Season 8: Remnants of the Storm King's army still hold power over the nations they conquered now its up to the Mane 6,Royal Sisters, Royal Army,The Wonder-bolts and the Pillars to battle the evil armada and save the day. Horse Play: Celestia was an acclaim actress eons ago before becoming a princess they were other sun/moon gods and goddesses besides Celestia and Luna that raise the sun and moon . Then an ancient evil (that influence luna into becoming nightmare moon)killed all the sun deities in order to bring eternal night, but not before the sun gods transfer all their magic to Celestia and Luna so she can defeat the evil being and be able to raise the two celestial bodies for eternity Mean 6: Chrysalis creates the evil 6 clones of our heroes , and use them to frame the Mane 6 for heinous crimes over Equestria. Now its up to Twilight and the gang to clear there names and stop the bug queen Grannies Gone Wild renamed Golden Horseshoe Gals School Raze: Tartarus as a Dante’s Inferno type prison were all the ancient evils are imprison, not some zoo CMC having a more active role in helping the Student Six Cozy Glow releasing all the monstrous villains from Tartarus, some joining Cozy and becoming her allies, together they all teleport to dimension and become country conquerors Best Gift Ever: taking place after Heart’s Warming Club, show Starlight,Luna,Celestia, The Student Six, and the Pillars celebrating the holidays.
  3. twilightsparkle87

    Possible Character Birthdays

    yeah your right i often get caught up in my brainstorming
  4. twilightsparkle87

    Possible Character Birthdays

    I'm trying to guess which date of birth would fit the characters of MLP:FIM Twilight Sparkle: August 7 (Friendship Day) Rainbow Dash: October 10(Health and Sports Day) or March 10 (RD's Speed is Mach 10 ) Fluttershy: April 22(Earth day) Applejack: September 26 (Johnny Appleseed Day) Rarity: May 4 (Audrey Hepburn’s birthday) or Earlier September (Fashion Week) Pinkie Pie: December 15 (Cupcake Day) or October 30th (Sweetest Day) Spike: April 5th(April is the month of the Dragon, the 5th Zodiac) Princess Cadence: February 14 (Valentine’s Day) Princess Flurry Heart: March 26 (Crystalling airdate) Princess Celestia: June 21 (Summer Solstice) Princess Luna: December 21 (Winter Solstice) Sunset Shimmer: September 21 (Autumn Equinox) Starlight Glimmer: March 21 (Spring Equinox) Shining Armor: March 14 (White Day) Sweetie Bell: May 5 (Children's Day) Applebloom: October 31st ( Candy Apple Day) Scootaloo: May 19 (Scooter Day) Discord: April 1st ( April Foal's Day) Tirek: April 14 (Release date of Rescue from Midnight Castle) or November 22 (Sagittarius Zodiac Sign) Queen Chrysalis: June 18-24 (National Insect Week) Nurse Redheart: May 8 (Red-Cross Day) or May 12 (Nurse Day) Octavia: August 8 or October 8(octa means eight in Latin) Big Mac: January 24 (release date of the original Apple Mac) Maud Pie: July 17 (World Emoji Day) Trixie: March 14 (Houdini's Birthday) or October 31st(National magic Day) Granny Smith: October 20th (Granny Smith Festival) Mr. Cake and Mrs. Cake: November 26 (National Cake Day) Coco Pommel: August 19 (Coco Chanel’s birthday) Vinyl Scratch: January 20 (National DJ Day) Derpy Hooves: July 11(Blueberry Muffin Day) Lyra Heartstrings: March 17 (St.Patrick's Day) Cheerilee: October 5th (International Teacher's Day) Time Turner: April 18 (David Tennant's Birthday) Colgate/Minuette: January 25 (William Colgate’s Birthday) Daring Do/AK Yearling: June 12 (release date of Raiders of the Lost Ark) or July 31 (J.K Rowling’s Birthday) Cheese Sandwich: October 23 or April 12 Joe: June 3 (Doughnut Day)
  5. twilightsparkle87

    Mane 6 Birthdays?

    Twilight Sparkle: August 7 (Friendship Day) Pinkie Pie:October 7 (World Smile Day) Fluttershy April 26 :(Arbor Day) Rainbow Dash : April 3(National Rainbow Day) April 6 (1st Summer Olympics) or June/July/August (Summer) Applejack : September 25 (Apple Day) or Cider Season (October 20) Rarity: September 8 (Fashion Week)