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  1. The theme of this month is Majestic Darkness so naturally i was chosen to present it, take your favorite character and bathe them in the glory of the night and the nightmare forces, let us see what beauty lies in their deepest desires, hidden and unseen out of fear of judgment, free those caged thoughts and let them sparkle like the stars in reflecting in the nocturnal ocean For obvious reasons myself, Luna and Stygian are not legible for this contest, and do not dare defile the calm beauty of the night with nsfw material, forum rules still apply Post your entries in this thread, the deadli
  2. Excuse me? Remind me to make you responsible for rebristling by mane brushes when I ascend to the Throne of Equestria. I have thousands of them. OUT OF MY WAY .... "DARLING"!
  3. Nightmare Rarity

    Submit to the night!

    Because I did it not Nightmare Moon. A nightmare force pony has to do it ... Celestia said it ... would keep you safe ... because ... Luna now has all out magic *passes out.
  4. Nightmare Rarity

    Submit to the night!

    It is done ... after tonight ... I am going to need a moon's worth of beauty sleep.
  5. Nightmare Rarity

    Submit to the night!

  6. Nightmare Rarity

    Submit to the night!

    NIGHTMARE HIPSTER? Wh-WHAT? When this is over we will see what is brighter on the field, my fabulosity and planning, or your unkempt mane. ALL RIGHT EVERYPONY LISTEN UP ... This is going to tingle just a skoatch
  7. Nightmare Rarity

    Submit to the night!

    And you lack imagination and finesse. You are perhaps as subtle as an army of Pinkie Pies. I would love to dish our rejoinder after rejoinder darling, but I an quite bored by your rather pedestrian approach to conquest. No style. No substance. You are like a yapping pup who hasn't grown his big boy teeth Princess Luna, are we ready? Oh. We are missing one other. Ah. There she is.
  8. Welcome to MLP Forums Nightmare Rarity. :pinkie:

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    2. Dabmanz


      Hi Rarity what a wonderful day is it not?

    3. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      *bows before almighty Queen of us all the Nightmare Rarity*

      -at your service, milady.

    4. Sparklefan1234


      Welcome to MLP Forums Second Best Nightmare Princess! :-D

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