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  1. Discord was WHO? 



    1. Sparklefan1234


      Wott's on 2nd & Aiduno's on 3rd. :muffins:

    2. Megas


      He was Luke’s father 

  2. So let the banishments commence! 

    > looks around

  3. Spoopy? How childish? 

    You were once a admirable creature of darkness .... what happened?

  4. Welcome to your Nightmare, Ponies! 


    1. TBD 🚬

      TBD 🚬

      Well technically nightmare welcomes me

      Lets scare these ponies! Long live the maretress of the night! 

  5. Zombies? Sigh this must be Nightmare Night. Oh well, I’ll take brainless servants over no servants. 

    Worship the night! 

    1. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      *salute* Yes, my Empress!

  6. Princess? Well this is new? 


  7. How is my Luna costume? Do I look pathetic enough?
  8. "You might want to choose your words carefully," Nightmare Moon growled at Luna. "Stand back 'Princess' ... I've got this afterthought". At that moment flames appeared in a circle around Nightmare Moon and Nightmare Rarity, and a white, red, and orange Alicorn descended to stand next to the Nightmare Unicorn. Daybreaker hovered with a vicious look directed at Nightmare Moon
  9. Let us not be to hasty here Luna after all you know I am right, deep down. I was your strength when you were weak. I was your release from pain. I was your hate when you were not loved. Look inside ... I am you ... and you are -----
  10. You are too adorable to banish dressed like that.
  11. If it isn't Dark Horse Congeniality herself. You do realize I am more powerful than you are, right? I have complete mastery of magic you never fully understood. You were a coward and never truly unleashed yourself. You lack passion and strength. I am the true mistress of darkness and dreams. Surrender!
  12. Let me help unburden you with that ugly rank you have.
  13. Well. That was easy and anti-climactic. Strange. I thought she would have put up greater resistance. Oh yes you. I didn't forget about you. You support the lessor Princess of the Night. How uninspired. Well eventually you will both be moon bound, but you first. Shame, I suspected you might change your mind and upgrade your tastes.
  14. You have always been absurd with your assumptions, it is a wonder and miracle that Equestria hadn't been overthrown in the 1000 years I was trapped on the moon. YOU HELD BACK? Who do you think kept me in check during our encounter? This time I have no sullen child mare to play inner conscience to me. Ugh. This is boring. Good night Celestia.
  15. After I dispatch that sorry excuse for a ruler, you are nex.
  16. Try saying that in a few minutes in the thin air of the moon.
  17. Please, if she is so praiseworthy, WHERE IS SHE? She is nothing more than an absentee landlord while I sit here and banish her subjects. Pathetic. Perhaps her age has finaly caught up to her.
  18. That pretender? Please, she was defeated by a baby dragon. It took the combined might of the Elements of Harmony to defeat me once, of course now that Grogar has taken care of Pinkie Pie I shant have that issue this time. Oh yes, and enjoy the Moon.
  19. The Admins are busy trying to figure out a way off of the Moon. Silly little ponies, I have done this before and it caused no confusion then, tho there was much much suffering born by those who did not get in line. And there will be NO DISSENT IN MY KINGDOM ON MY NIGHT!
  20. Then you shall have one on the Dark Side! You who once followed a lessor Queen than I ... begone!
  21. Oh my poor foal, how misguided you are. Shame, you would have made a wonderful addition to my great moonlit kingdom! @Spooky Brony 2A while I can admire your desire to bag a popular pony for me, I sought candy as tribute. Your error will be you last for 1000 years.

    This is glorious! Who is responsible for this masterpiece? I shall give them Cloudsdale as your own territory in my new Empire

  23. My dental bills are outrageous. I still ensure this Minuette is well placed on my court. And my reign will have no need of events, so enjoy the moon beam ride dear. I'll make sure your Trixie is placed as my court jester though. She seems appropriately amusing.
  24. LUNA? LUNA ... you dare speak the name of my lesser self?