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  1. Uh. We all know it’s not official. Chill out. But it hasn’t been confirmed that Spitfire and Soarin are together apart from one of Faust’s jokeposts.
  2. That guy is annoying. He’s been telling people not to ship Soarindash or Fluttercord everywhere for years now because Dash and Flutters are his waifus
  3. I personally think it could...I mean, Dash is the tough kind, and I always thought pairing her with a fellow wonderbolt is a good idea. And to complement her tough personality her partner could be someone more calm/mellow? And well Soarin takes the cake there. there’s people who pair him up with Spitfire, but, imo, she’s too bossy (I actually relate to her in that regard lol, but I think she’s way too dominant)
  4. It was weird, in a very good kind of way loved it for some reason rarity’s wheeled hoof freaks me out
  5. Uh what? I doubt the CMC are 17. The School of Friendship is not limited to grown ups/teens or to any age for that matter, there are several foals in there too. Even Twilight suggested Starswirl to join her school and he’s really old. The CMC started as 7~ year olds (well, Apple Bloom at least. But it’s safe to assume Sweetie and Scoots are her age too). It’s been approximately 4-5 years since S1 (leaning towards 5) which means the CMC would be 12 by now.
  6. You mean, source? XD I got this https://mobile.twitter.com/TheBiggestJim/status/1051275220365979648 https://mobile.twitter.com/TheBiggestJim/status/1051275301072687104
  7. Big Jim has hinted at her having no parents... which intrigues me, what happened?
  8. Yeah I remember their scores! They were cute to listen to and very unique. i remember AJ’s and Rarity’s respective scores being my favorites
  9. I wouldn’t say ethnicities, but I’ve got my view on their skin/hair/eye colors. Twilight: darker latino/hispanic skin, long and straight black-brown hair, dark brown eyes. Pinkie: rosy whiteish skin (she’s pink )reddish brown curly hair, light blue eyes. Rainbow: medium skin? I’d say white but not that white either. As for hair she’d have it messy long with medium brown as her base color and different shades of brown highlights. Brown eyes. Fluttershy: white, strawberry blonde hair (or just blonde), aquamarine eyes. Rarity: VERY white, swirly curly dark brown hair, blue eyes. Applejack: tanned (slightly darker than Rainbow), blonde, green eyes. Starlight: white-a bit rosy, dark brown hair, persian blue eyes. Sunset: tanned just like AJ, red hair with lighter highlights, aquamarine eyes. Spike sliiiightly darker than Twilight, brown hair and green eyes. Apple Bloom: white, red hair, amber eyes. Sweetie Belle: VERY white, VERY light brown-blondish hair, pale green eyes. Scootaloo: also tanned like AJ, dark-medium brown hair, light brown eyes. Celestia: very white, medium brown hair with lighter brown highlights, brown eyes. Luna: dark skinned (afro-american-ish), dark brown hair with brown highlights, aquamarine eyes. Trixie: slightly darker than Twilight, blonde hair and dark brown eyes (weird combination I know )
  10. If it makes you feel any better, the Cake Twins can speak now.
  11. I’m not into the whole “have official boyfriends” stuff, I’d rather see slight hints of them (heck, or just one of them) liking someone, that’s all.
  12. Tbh S8 has been kinda disappointing...I mean, I absolutely loved Cozy Glow and the finale, but the whole school setup hasn’t won me over yet. I do like the Young 6 quite a bit, but I think that their introduction to the show was too into the series’ ending and they may take away some time that could be invested on pre established characters now that S9 is the last season.. Now we’ve got an even bigger roster of characters and we need to flesh them all out... I just hope we can get a nice resolution to the series and have most questions answered. That said, I loved Ocellus, Smolder and YONA. Best Yak.
  13. Why? He’s adorable. Dude don’t get spammy...you may ship Rainbow with mares but that doesn’t mean you have to shove your opinions under other people’s throats