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  1. Houses are expensive, and I can't afford one.
  2. Humanity Is Good

    New Horizons Mission Not Over Yet! Woooo! More asteroid missions! here's so much going on in space exploration lately, and it's great. It seems like every day now, there's something amazing and important going on! We have Mars 2020 Rover, InSight, OSIRIS-REx, and now this. Read the article, it's really fascinating! Now for a pretty picture... "West Rim of Endeavour Crater on Mars" I couldn't find the link to the specific picture, but here's the gallery:
  3. Humanity Is Good

    Do you name your electronics?

    No, but I name my plants! An onion started growing shoots in my cabinet, so I potted it, drew a face on it with Sharpie, and named it "Grunion".
  4. Humanity Is Good

    Hi! Names lotus <3

  5. Humanity Is Good

    What/Where is the best place to buy ponies and MLP merch online?

    Oh! Oh! I know a place! Search on the internet "Horsies of the Apocalypse". Limited selection, but you won't be disappointed!
  6. Humanity Is Good

    Last time you cried?

    The last time I cried was when I watched Interstellar Such a rollercoaser of a movie! The soundtrack, the imagery, the dialogue, the story... it's so great!
  7. Humanity Is Good

    Are you a pony NPC

    BitChute huh? I think I wanna check that out. What about "Minds"? I've heard a little about it... but I also know nothing about it.
  8. Humanity Is Good

    Are you a pony NPC

    I see what you're saying. Hey! If you're really into that meme, a youtuber named "Argent" has a few interesting things to say about it if you want to go check it out! I think you'll like his channel.
  9. Humanity Is Good


    Huh! Well, then I think you'll like it here!
  10. Humanity Is Good

    Are you a pony NPC

    Ah, but If you look on right wing forums and watch things like the "Unite The Right" event, you'll see a loooot of the exact same behavior!
  11. Humanity Is Good


    A coupe of years huh? What prompted you to show up now?
  12. Humanity Is Good

    Are you a pony NPC

    Yeah, that's human nature! Hardwired into the brain. Even those who go around calling people NPCs indulge in those behaviors.
  13. Humanity Is Good


    Hi! I'm doing pretty good today! Welcome to the forum! Are you a brand new pony-fan?
  14. Humanity Is Good

    Hey there!!!! > ~<" /)

    Well hi! And welcome back to the fandom! Also, good luck in college!
  15. Humanity Is Good

    Your own weird mlpf behaviour quirks

    I like to look through the really old forum posts and download old memes + note how internet culture was different back then.