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  1. I'm a Christian and I believe in God and the cross. But it's mostly a private thing for me. While I do hope that more people will start to believe, it isn't right to push it on other people.
  2. Not everyone does, it depends on where you live, what time period, and what kind of people you're around. Over where I am it is looked down upon, because it's if you don't then people assume that you don't contribute much or that you're a loser, and it's a small town where rumor spreads quickly and social status is very important. However, a couple hundred miles away, in the bigger city where housing is more expensive, people don't care as much.
  3. There are kids today who've never seen a naturally growing tree, so in some ways, yes. It may seem grim. but eventually things will change, because change always happens. And it isn't just western society.
  4. Well I haven't been able to get to my computer, because I left it at my dad's house when I moved out, and haven't had any days off to go visit him or retrieve it. That aside, the last time I was having a great time on tht computer, I was playing Fallout 4, feeling completely hopless against the Queen Mirelurk, after seeing that shooting a few mini-nukes at it did basically nothing. I suppose that the next time I get on, I'll be right back where I was trying to figure out how to kill that darn thing. I'll be visiting my family up there soon , so that shouldn't be too far off.
  5. Self-Improvement Man

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    I like your signature. 455807
  6. The secondhand emberassment from that episode was almost too much for me to take , but those kinds of episodes always leave me feeling the most satisfied when whatever knot the characters have tied themselves into, untagles itself.
  7. No exact date, but my first time here was a few years ago, when I was still early into liking the show. Good times. Waking up super early so I could watch episodes of MLP, and play on brony servers in Garry's Mod while everybody was asleep. Gonna pat myself on the back for keeping that secret so hermetic. The cat's out of the bag now, though. And it's kind of an inside joke among all of us. Some of my better memories come from playing on that brony server. "Ponies Playing in a Sandbox" was the name. Haha, I remember when I was playing there and I was a brony but not really admitting
  8. Try to no think about it too much. They're just being playful.
  9. We aren't bad. We just don't want the emote to go away.
  10. Also, we like the Kirin. Nobody hates the Kirin, or sees them as negative creatures. So perhaps having people send you the Kirin emote is a good thing.
  11. A lot of us are left out in one way or another.
  12. But that's only one way of interpreting it.
  13. The Kirin emote is just a picture of an adorable fairy-tale creature. Don't let it mess up your day.
  14. Maybe the emote is used to signal curiosity, or a cute way of saying "go on..".
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