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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. shikuzad


      thank you!!! :>

  2. Decided it'd be better to post it all here rather than make tons of posts when I've made something new! also, shameless DeviantART link I suppose Starting off with the stuff I've already posted Admittedly since posting those pieces, I haven't had any time for brony art (thanks, college) but I've managed to rack up a messy little thing this morning for practice I also have a full-body commission piece December, which I dont feel right reposting here personally! but the link is here!
  3. Hey! I use PaintToolSAI, and pretty much just cycle these three brushes for everything. Hard is for blocking in colours or for solid colouring, soft is if I want something to be really smooth, but the rough brush is a nice middle ground between both (and is the brush I use most! ^^) Hope I could help! :>
  4. Damn, this is amazing!!! Great work! : o
  5. Glad to see someone else in the same position as me! Yeah, im really looking forward to catching up (although I haven’t had any time to do it recently, soon though hopefully ;v;) Thanks so much!! Sorry for the late replies! - I haven’t been able to check here for a little while ;o;
  6. Thank you!!! (such a late reply, oof, sorry!)
  7. Thank you so much!! Glad you like it. ^^ Thank you! I’m really glad it sounds fair. :> Thank you so much!! qwq I was super worried about overpricing it. :0 Thanks so much!! :’D
  8. After this im taking a break for my hand sjhsksjms Was super fun to paint but ive been working on it ALOT these past two days. For my future commission sheet/examples. I want to say this would be around $30 but i cant say for sure..... putting a value on art is hard. TT-TT
  9. Thank you! Right now im trying to figure out how to suitably price my commissions, i'd love to make them :0
  10. Thanks so much! Yeah, there are tons of new faces in the show and the fandom! Most of the bronies I knew back then also left eventually so I'm excited to see who I'll meet this time :>
  11. In the halloween mood naturally and had some time so i decided to do a bust of my oc, Ai, as a pretty subtle bat pony (aka i just changed her eye colour, big teeth and extra fluffy ears.) This was super fun to make and i'm pleased with how it came out! qwq I don't actually mind critique but for whatever reason, i can't remove the no critique thing after posting..
  12. xD - I'm not worthy! Thank you!! Glad to finally have a (somewhat) consistent style now.