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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. shikuzad

    Shikuzad's Art Dump

    Thank you!
  3. shikuzad

    Shikuzad's Art Dump

    Decided it'd be better to post it all here rather than make tons of posts when I've made something new! also, shameless DeviantART link I suppose Starting off with the stuff I've already posted Admittedly since posting those pieces, I haven't had any time for brony art (thanks, college) but I've managed to rack up a messy little thing this morning for practice I also have a full-body commission piece December, which I dont feel right reposting here personally! but the link is here!
  4. shikuzad

    Rainbow dash bust practice

    Hey! I use PaintToolSAI, and pretty much just cycle these three brushes for everything. Hard is for blocking in colours or for solid colouring, soft is if I want something to be really smooth, but the rough brush is a nice middle ground between both (and is the brush I use most! ^^) Hope I could help! :>
  5. shikuzad

    Rainbow dash bust practice

    Thank you! :>>
  6. shikuzad

    no critique Discord

    Damn, this is amazing!!! Great work! : o
  7. shikuzad

    Coming back to MLP/brony fandom !! ♥︎

    Glad to see someone else in the same position as me! Yeah, im really looking forward to catching up (although I haven’t had any time to do it recently, soon though hopefully ;v;) Thanks so much!! Sorry for the late replies! - I haven’t been able to check here for a little while ;o;
  8. shikuzad

    Rainbow dash bust practice

    Thank you!!! (such a late reply, oof, sorry!)
  9. shikuzad

    ANOTHER rainbow dash!

    Thank you so much!! Glad you like it. ^^ Thank you! I’m really glad it sounds fair. :> Thank you so much!! qwq I was super worried about overpricing it. :0 Thanks so much!! :’D
  10. shikuzad

    ANOTHER rainbow dash!

    After this im taking a break for my hand sjhsksjms Was super fun to paint but ive been working on it ALOT these past two days. For my future commission sheet/examples. I want to say this would be around $30 but i cant say for sure..... putting a value on art is hard. TT-TT
  11. shikuzad

    no critique Happy Halloween! / Batpony OC bust

    Thank you! Right now im trying to figure out how to suitably price my commissions, i'd love to make them :0
  12. shikuzad

    Coming back to MLP/brony fandom !! ♥︎

    Thanks so much! Yeah, there are tons of new faces in the show and the fandom! Most of the bronies I knew back then also left eventually so I'm excited to see who I'll meet this time :>
  13. In the halloween mood naturally and had some time so i decided to do a bust of my oc, Ai, as a pretty subtle bat pony (aka i just changed her eye colour, big teeth and extra fluffy ears.) This was super fun to make and i'm pleased with how it came out! qwq I don't actually mind critique but for whatever reason, i can't remove the no critique thing after posting..
  14. shikuzad

    Rainbow dash bust practice

    xD - I'm not worthy! Thank you!! Glad to finally have a (somewhat) consistent style now.