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    (Reality isn't so kind. Everything doesn't work out the way you want it to. That's why...) As long as you don’t get your hopes up, you can take anything... You feel less pain.
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    Final Fantasy series, Story Filled Game, Programming, Military-like movie. MLP's is part of a weakness as it is too cute and love the song it has. > ~<"

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  1. Hey, hello everyone. 

    Sorry for being inactive for sometimes to those who remember me for some time. ^^"
    I need some help with looking for someone. 
    I went back to tumblr to see if some of my friends made it out of the account nuking. I've found that most of them are okay
    I can't find this one friend of mine. I hope anyone who knows how to find em could help me.

    She's been quite a friend to me for quite a long time and I miss her a lot. 
    I hope anyone can find her or at least tell me how I could find her. TT ~TT 

    Here's her tumblr.



    1. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      Sorry to hear that...:(

      But welcome back!

    2. Leonhart150


      thank you man. but is there no way at all to find her? :(

  2. Leonhart150

    Is The Brony Fandom Still Going Strong?

    God what I would do back then just to go to Bronycon in the past. XD Still sure digged up some good memories when I was an active group of Bronies in my country, I got all worked up to build a blog about the OC I'm using now. Got stuck in life tho, too many people here being too independent to me or some forced me to do their work for them. Life's just ain't gonna go easy on me. Heck, I reckon on any of us. > ~<"
  3. Leonhart150

    Hey there!!!! > ~<" /)

    I'm already am @Partialgeek514!! > w< /) Thank you!!
  4. Thanks for the follow! :mlp_yeehaa:

  5. Leonhart150

    Is The Brony Fandom Still Going Strong?

    Hmm, I can see that. Well it all lies within the community itself in the end. There are times where it rises and fall. I felt it but I wish I could help on keeping it strong. I do have a story and fanfiction in mind to write when I first joined the fandom but can't express it in a good format. I'm no writer or a good storyteller but I wish I could be the one to pull someone's interest and expand that into an art and stories others will love. Sadly cowardice and uncertainties caused my determination to fade away slowly. TT ~TT" Sorry if it's a bit gloomy all of the sudden, it's just another man's regret. Pay no mind to it please. ^ ~^"
  6. Leonhart150

    Is The Brony Fandom Still Going Strong?

    Thank you, Venomous. I think it's much more fitting for the title. I'm still green in this part of the fandom do forgive me so if it's lacking. ^ ~^"
  7. Leonhart150

    Is The Brony Fandom Still Going Strong?

    Owh hey there Tylad was about to follow ya! Yeah I do understand about being hyped and all but I think it's not a bad thing it's just some people doesn't like people who like this kind of cute stuff. I understand the feelings tho, still it's almost normal to us like some people loves and get all hyped about Halo. (including me, owh how I crave to don in that armor ) Still people will continue on being people. Good to meet you tho, my name is Leonhart. You can call me Leon for short. ^^ Owh, I do understand that, it's okay, I'm in the same shoes as them to be honest. XD
  8. Can't Say That I Left The Fandom Can't say that I left the fandom but just has been absent for few reasons, but I wonder how is the fandoms going on? still strong or a bit shaky? I know I should've been a bit of careful with this topic in particular but it used to be much more before. Did something happen? I hope that somepony/someone could fill me in on this one. I really do miss the fandom so much my heart ache at the thought of it. > ~<" Still I hope of trying to light up this fandom back life as it once were!! > u< Doesn't hurt to try now does it?
  9. Leonhart150

    Hey there!!!! > ~<" /)

    Thank you Mellow, you sure made me a happy fellow.
  10. Leonhart150

    Post your OC!

    Name : Squall Leonhart Age : 22 (old version) Mare or Stallion : Stallion Species of pony: Earth Pony Appearance/Picture: (note: scar is supposed to be from top right to bottom left same as the original one) (ps : a friend drew this for me, credit to artist) Personality: serious, cold but caring, introvert Interests/Hobbies: practice gunblade forms, practicing magics from original world(differs in usage but still usable) Biography: Leonhart for short, originally from another world. Brought in through a mysterious portal appeared from nowhere. At least that's the last thing he remembered. Knocked out cold from the portal entry, discovered that he has been turned into a pony, grey coat, brown mane and same blue eyes. Gunblade still usable but hard. Barely manage to speak with the locals and learned a thing or two about the world he was in. After some months, got use to the world he lived in but bumped into one the princess and unknowingly had a quarrel with a guard or two mistaken to be a threat to the princesses. Despite the fight the royal guard gave him, he see it as a good chance to apply what he practiced. Won the fight but stopped halfway by both princesses. Became somewhat close to the royal family. Met one of the Mane 6 Twilight Sparkle and somehow talk but not much.
  11. Leonhart150

    Hey there!!!! > ~<" /)

    Thank you, I'm really sorry if I didn't reply you earlier before. TT ~TT"
  12. Leonhart150

    Hey there!!!! > ~<" /)

    thank you, cute humanized flutters btw > w<
  13. Leonhart150

    Hey there!!!! > ~<" /)

    Thank you, Arc. Your name reminds me of Jaune Arc from RWBY. Nice meeting you man. I'm Leonhart. ^^
  14. Leonhart150

    Hey there!!!! > ~<" /)

    Well despite being one of the old bronies, I still care about the show and it's fans since they are all nice and heart warmingly kind to me when I first step into the fandom. Seriously blew my mind and I'm thankful for all the support and kindness I received from these people. Now, studying IT in vocational college for 4 years (in my last year actually n ~n" ) been holding a dream of being one day be there for the fandom and still chasing my dreams to draw art tho. All that's is trivial I know but I've fall so deep for this fandom and I think I can never get it out of my mind anymore. ^ ~^"