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  1. It’s really good, though the ear needs some attention
  2. “Nonononono! I am bob the powerful!!!” “ Let’s go dude...I don’t have all day” “noooooooooooooooo!” * walking into the room* *inhales* BOI!
  3. Lolololol Plz don’t banish me....ZD I’m not scared of some......of you! For I am...* starts coughing in the background* “um... you done yet bro?”
  4. And plus I know you’re a really good teacher so she must have something
  5. Hmm....so what about her being a alcorn? Would she not have some magic to help her out?
  6. Ok someone plz tell me this.....why can’t Twilight just blast the evil pony/probably a pig/Pokémon out of existence ??? Like she was thrown into a mountain...AND LIVED! And she has the power to just wipe the floor with tempest