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  1. I never really managed to get know people long enough to consider them siblings unless they've had a massive positive impact on my life.
  2. Internet back! /)

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      Isn't technology wonderful! :P

  3. I love this! Sqweeeeee
  4. Welcome to the forums!, I hope you enjoy your time here! x /)
  5. Good morning! /) x

  6. Goodnight everyone! xx /)



  7. I'd suggest using Thanks!
  8. I've only ever worn my watch when I was in work placement doing moving work where I don't have access to my phone, other than that I rely on my phone.
  9. Welcome to MLPForums, hope you enjoy your stay! /) If you ever need anything feel free to drop a message!
  10. My room is like a greenhouse so it'd be unwise of me to wear pyjamas.
  11. It's nearly a year old! It's a decent build in comparison to everyone else I know.
  12. Every year of my life and still counting.
  13. Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your time here. /)
  14. Good morning! /) x

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  15. Welcome! /) Hope you enjoy your time here. If you ever need anything feel free to pm!
  16. Expectation -- > Reality (Shown below.)
  17. Thanks for the follow! /) x

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  18. I've not played this game in such a long time!, has it got any better in recent times?
  19. This is perfect! This could potentially be @TwilySparky if someone gets on the wrong hoof.