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  1. Yashiru

    How is Pakistan like

    Never been there. But i've always wanted to travel to certain countries.
  2. From what i understand. The morale is in main principle "WARNING SPOILERS" But its about Revenge. Like its about some guy, who gets so full of hate, he is on the point where he cant return to a normal life, is consumed by hatred one after another. And Naruto is like the guy who try to supress his hatred to get his friend back to normal. Suprisingely. Better story told than "count of Monte Cristo" i mean i like the movie from 2002... But what do you expect? I mean the guy got tricked by his friend, was in jail. Of course he wants revenge. I mean i dont see the morale of the story?. Like he didnt pick family over vengeance? Ok.. how about this. Get revenge then go to the family. Like i just think Naruto in comparison atleast makes sense because its the evolved form of hatred that can destroy your very core to the point where you are beyond redemption. I think it is a good story honestly.
  3. Its some classical insult either in SJW england or parts of USA culture of left wingers. Though i wonder which is worse, have a deformed child... or deformed lives. Since the most sex crazy people tends to be liberals in terms of sexuality is like playing video games, watching movies etc (which is not abuse btw), i dont mean normal ones, i just mean the gays "male gays" (lesbians is the safest actually)since anal sex has most likely to get AIDS/HIV than any other forms. Right wingers usually dont consider this as a hobby and are more apathetic if anything they just keep it to themself. But yeah, i am just wondering your views?
  4. I mean i like it. They make pretty solid stuff
  5. Yashiru

    World influence, USA or Ze Deutschland

    But some ideas are objectively worse. Mafia religious cultures for example or totalitarianism. Thats like saying Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were just people for its time. Their overall ideas of system was terrible
  6. Just some stuff here that i regret posting. Anyways, i am thankful for the help i can get
  7. Yashiru

    World influence, USA or Ze Deutschland

    Its not about strength to me. Its about ideas. Strength only is for totalitarian small minded losers. But i see your point
  8. Yashiru

    World influence, USA or Ze Deutschland

    Umm yes. Because EU is useless. They dont censor stuff in USA from open discussions. From Norway btw
  9. Considering it rules EU. Btw i am frankly anti EU. But Norway is partly in it, and i am not into nationalism, its so dumb whether it is left or right wing nationalism they look like morons, but good vs bad ideas i am for I have to pick America over it, it seems cool enough in my view. But yeah i prefer american influence over german influence if i were to pick someone who pushes core values on a centralized level. Since American values are pro freedom, i can relate to that. Instead of just respect bad cultural ideas "not cultures in general of their values" but just bad ideas because not talking about it is a sign of acceptance. I dunno. I dont believe in cannibalism etc, so in USA i would most likely feel like i could condemn bad ideas instead of defending them "freedom of speech, proof if right if not then debunked" its because it is immorale to do that to your own since its your own being. But yeah. Btw i am not anti immigration, i am however anti coming in flooding if there is a culture clash, if it happens just stop the flow, integrate the people til they get integrated. Then restart the stuff again and let the flow etc. I am pretty much objective good vs bad idea. USA is a country i prefer to be in charge of world influence than any other nation.
  10. Yashiru

    The Great and Powerful Trixie Fan Club

    Welcome, who is ready for magic
  11. Yashiru

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 20th anniversary event.


    I miss this game. Been ages since i played this on a N64 back in 2005
  12. Well i am against guns. But i guess you could say My Little Pony: Politics is Magic Episode 1: Senate for office I think Andrea Libman is the best pony though.
  13. Yashiru

    Animation Naruto censorship

    I mean it has important cultural value, the symbol on his head is corrupted. Like X doesnt tell me anything. This however does have a better impact. Some buddhist monks actually have manji symbol on their head actually. Atleast from what i have seen online (though might be misinformation, it may be temples only in terms of buddhism, but i have seen some having it on their head in terms of monks or something, though just what i have seen online probably not too informed on that one), ironic is probably some extreme far left circles would probably look at it and think those are neo nazis or something which would not be the case.
  14. Yashiru

    Animation Naruto censorship

    Its not for everyone. But i watched it in Japanese. Mostly because its mostly realistic "cause japanese culture and world". But Naruto is not for everyone i guess. But i used to love this show in high school. I mean i still think this is kind of good. What bugs me is when Sakura asks Naruto for Sasuke's return, in Japanese it was like you could really feel this was really deep and real. In English it, i just didnt buy it. Like i am not saying all of it is bad. But my problem with some anime dub the problem is... they are never looking at the characters and imagining. What would this sound like if it spoke english? There are few anime that does it right, Pokemon, Beyblade season 1 atleast as i saw. But normally they just make them sound so out of place and i dont buy that some of them actually would have such a voice when looking and hearing the voices. Like one example. This is a nitpick. I dont think Naruto English voice is terrible... but if it was me who were to pick a voice for him in English. This would be more or less something what i would go for.
  15. Yashiru

    Animation Naruto censorship

    Well Nintendo and America has kind of a bromance ever since atari crash failure in America so that may be the reason why their favorite customers is the US market of Nintendo. Meanwhile SONY is more Europe popular since much of market stock is 70%. But swastika is not a flag though. It represents Nazi germany the same way bald eagle does. Its just a symbol, taking it out of context is easy for overly sensitive minds.