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  1. Having a good time with friends always makes me happy, and see them having a good time with me as well makes me even more happy.
  2. I only do it sometimes, either because my family tells me to do so or because I want to.
  3. I remember I became a brony somewhere around 2015. Before being a brony I had a whole different view about the show just for the reason I never watched it. One day I was sick and couldn't go to school, so I was looking what to watch on the TV, and as there wasn't "anything better" to watch, I decided to watch one of the MLP episodes. After I watched one episode, I watched another, and another, and so on, my whole view on the show changed as I started to like it, and soon afterwards I became a brony.
  4. I also didn't saw it in theaters. I may not remember much since it's been a while but I remember I saw it on Youtube, and it was quite a surprise for me when I saw the trailer for first time.
  5. Hello There! IGN: Christian69229 I would like to transfer my house @ -2410 63 -1518 to XX XX XX Thanks!