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  1. 459077 Really proud of my choices.
  2. Permaban this account. As soon as you see this status update, do whatever mod magic you gotta do to show me the door.

    And don't waste time on a "Sorry to see you go" or "because you asked" message.

    1. Snow


      That's.. against the site policy I'm sorry to say, you can edit / ask a staff member for some posts with sensitive or personal information to be removed, but not really much more than that.

  3. 459032 Rewatched Rainbow Rocks. Can't seem to get enough of it.
  4. What I wouldn't give to have telekinesis... Definitely a unicorn.
  5. I haven't, per se, but FiM proves that G-rated can be fucking awesome as fuck.
  6. 458943 Does it automatically make me a pariah that I enjoy listening to Rush?
  7. I missed out on Dubuc's Q&A 'cause I was at work. WHY WON'T TARGET JUST GIVE ME MONEY FOR FREE!!??

  8. Butch Cassidy and Mr. Hyde
  9. 458919 Do you enjoy highly unrealistic military simulations, but want to avoid the hassle and turtle-paced gameplay of Risk? Good news! Warzone is the game for you!