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  1. Really sorry about this guys, I tried mining out the area marked above and it was honestly to much of a task for one person 37+ layers to mine out to make the area accessible for the move. I had originally believed that it would be realistically possible to mine out but i was wrong.... The area to move are directly above the aforementioned coordinates and is marked with red wool. Position 1: xyz -1729, 68, 7403 Position 2: xyz -1693, 78, 7476 This new area is smaller and easier for staff to get at being fully above ground. once again I'm sorry about this
  2. I would like to be able to transfer this portion of my storage room IGN: MidnlghtEclipse Position 1: x,y,z -1731, 64, 7407 Position 2: x,y,z -1696, 5, 7489 thank you so much for your time