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  1. PrismaWatercolor

    Is this image actually real?

    What would he be doing there...? o-o
  2. PrismaWatercolor

    Your favorite new characters from season 8?

    Autum blaze owo AND... the student six... chosing is hard :O
  3. PrismaWatercolor

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    It was so nice we had a special like this but my question is... how did it only happen now? its been long overdoo... we could have had 7 at this point XD
  4. PrismaWatercolor

    Has anypony seen the MLP movie trailer in theaters???

    I would had watched it on theathers if i had any friends to go with... tho i watched it 3 times with friends on the internet xP
  5. PrismaWatercolor


    Hoi! ING PrismaWatercolor (PrismaIsPone) I would like to transfer my pixelart/house/build. the cords are :x 12131, y 64, z 52142 and transfer to XX XX XX The red wool blocks defining the size are on the borders of the pixelart, easy to find. It is important that all the chests wich are inside of the pixelart are aswell transferred with all its items on them there are also 5 custum heads there aswell wich are: flame (or red flame), rainbow core, dog,throphy and one thats a number 6 from minesweeper