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  1. I keep them sometimes far longer than necessary because we don't go all the time but they prove pretty useful.
  2. Doth you be the one whomst slain the victim? *faints dramatically*
  3. until

    I'm gonna be there. First time and last time. I wouldn't have it any other way though, tbh.
  4. I'd say night owl all the way. Late night has a cozy aesthetic. Mornings are really nice too but with my whacked out sleep schedule I don't get to see very many of them if its not a day I'm supposed to be in class.
  5. G5 will generate plenty of discussion for sure. And may birth a new part of the fandom, and hopefully new cons now that this next bronycon's apparently gonna be the last one.
  6. I'm a simple gal. If it has Jericho, I have to watch in some capacity.
  7. this makes a lot of sense. a big thing that often draws criticism is when a film (or other piece of media) doesn't know what it wants its tone to be like. so if they caught onto parts of IW that were in stark (haha iron man) contrast to the rest of it, changing it to be two distinct movies would be the way to go. also it'd net them a buttload more money, but hopefully that money was the afterthought and making the movie was the main focus. i want this to be good after all.
  8. I am very rudimentary level at reading japanese because I've only had a year or so of education in it but yeah. Been on nico and pixiv quite often.
  9. Excited for AEW, Cody and the Bucks did good in All In.
  10. 297... not sure if we can do it. but we can if you believe in yourself.
  11. Discord, Skype 4chan, a few other forums, DA, and some furry sites.
  12. I friend I came back.

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    2. LilaH2


      Was here veeery briefly last year. Lost login info, life happened. Came back.

    3. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Welcome back! And stay for longer !:P

    4. LilaH2


      I shall try lol. Especially now that schools outta the way for the time being.

  13. Fluttershy is a big one for me. Cute, and I relate to her. Trixie's great. Huge goof, love her shtick. Dashie: Not gonna lie I have a crush on that personality of hers.