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  1. Well, it looks like Twilight is immortal and will be outliving her Ponyville friends now.
  2. No it doesn't. It would make Rarity come off as a pedophile, not a good thing for a kids show.
  3. Lunas dream powers are part of her cutie mark talent, so nobody will be getting the. A Royal Problem shows that it is an ability that can not be taught or learned,
  4. Except most are not native and don't live in Equestria, so it would make no sense.
  5. Actually, dream walking is part of Lunas cutie mark special talent. A Royal Problem shows this when Luna couldn't do anything because Celestia had her cutie mark. Which means Luna can't hand it down to anypony else. And it can't be learned. If it was a learned skill, Luna would have still been able to use it even with Celestias cutie mark,
  6. Hate to say it, but they have pretty much written Sunset into a Mary Sue at this point. Starlight is just more relatable.
  7. With only 1 unseen episodes left, It is pretty much confirmed Sunset will not be in the show.
  8. Between this episode and Frenemies, it becomes very apparent that Starlight is going to have a very big role in the second half of the season. The biggest, most important and longest story arc does revolve around her after all.
  9. No it doesn't. That would make Rarity a pedophile. Plus, it has been made perfectly clear that Rarity only sees Spike as a tool.
  10. At this point, you might as well accept that Sunset will not be appearing.
  11. At this point, Sunset is not going to be in the main show. So get over it.
  12. Back to Sunset. There was a serious backlash when Shining and Cadence were introduced with no clues that they existed before and that was after only 2 seasons. They are not going to put a character in that hasn't ever been even hinted at in almost 9 seasons. Flash Sentry and the Sirens can easily be explained away as just random characters appearing. In the grand scheme of things, they are not really important in pony land. Sunset had too big a history to have not been mentioned in 9 seasons, but then just be thrown in randomly.
  13. Sunset will not be appearing in the show. You have to accept that because if at any point they were going to include her they would have referred to her. This is the final season and Sunset has too much baggage to her that they don't have time to address. Plus they would alienate a large chunk of their fans who have never watched EQ girls. So you would just be tossing in a character that there was not a single side that she even existed. Leave her in EQ Girls where she belongs. Because anyone who watches EQ Girls watches the original material but not vise versa. And accept that Rarity will never hook up with Spike because it is too much like pedophile. Because no matter what age Spike is, he still looks like just a little kid, which would make Hasbro look bad to the media.
  14. Then you got the fact they have stated over and over that there are only 4 types of ponies. Period. Unicorn, Earth pony, Pegasus, and Alicorn. Bat features are only a glamour spell.