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    Six New Elements?

    While the Mane 6 have been referred to as the Elements of Harmony, the heroes they looked up to and ultimately met in Shadow Play seem to referred to as the Pillars (I like to refer to them as the Pillars of Heroism). I'm all for the idea of the Young 6 getting their own sets of elements and personally I think they should be known as the Students of Unity, Unity referring to the fact that they have formed such a close bond despite coming from different homes. The Skullivan has written a fantastic editorial on Equestria Daily talking about the Young 6 and how each of their personalities relate to the Elements. Here is a link to the article below. Please read it, since it was really well written. Now when considering what these kids get to represent, I thought of their personalities and how they could work as a parallel to the Elements of Harmony and the Pillars of Heroism. Here's what I think their Elements would be. Silversteam as Wonder Yona as Pride Ocellus as Knowledge Sandbar as Wisdom Smolder as Compassion Gallus as Friendship