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  1. The fluttershy piece is digital. ^^
  2. Since my work has been posted on the November contest. Just thought i'd post it here.
  3. Huh. Neat. Nice to know my gets noticed. <3
  4. Banned for being redder than a white man meeting his crush.
  5. My eyes are kind of weird. Like they're brown but from what my mom/sister tells me, when I tend to tear up, they show a minor green color. Either its the environment or just a trait from my dad(his eyes are green). I doubt its the environment as there isn't a green colored layout so.
  6. Just a band i've been listening to for about a decade now. Still love what they come up(Temper Temper being my least favorite album though).
  7. Ech. Probably so. Aside from RAW, from PWU's recent video, WWE is buying and shutting down indy wrestling shows? What do you guys think of it? I personally don't like it. Just getting rid of small wrestling businesses, and assuming new to come wrestlers losing their jobs working for them.
  8. (For shaaaame. DMC DMD is fun time) As of recent, Dragon Age Origins. I died a couple of times already in the beginning but im enjoying it more than what I expected.
  9. Whenever I draw something it's been 20 tabs(references, Tut videos, BG noise of a gaming playlist.) But regularly, about 6-10 tabs really.
  10. Either playing something from Vinesauce Joel and his long ass videos or listening to a podcast i've listened many times... or a video I was watching and I just suddenly pass out.
  11. Kind of difficult to pick one song out of everything but I'd go with this as it's A favorite song of mine.
  12. Nope. We never used the showers there. There was like... Four shower heads there but of course with the limited time we had to change, (about the last 5-10 mins of PE), we just didn't have the time along with 40+ students. So I don't ever recalled a single student showering there. Assuming it was for our school sports teams or they just don't work at all.