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  1. What if Flurry Heart went off the beaten path of pony morality and led Equestria to where it is now through her vision? She is an alicorn, and the youngest of them, so logic dictates she eventually would hold some power. She could even still be the main villain pulling the strings in the serie, and be reformed. Or, for a more comedic bent, what if she was in her "rebellious teen" phase and acting out by sewing the seeds the disharmony behind the scenes before the time of the show? She's young enough that she could still be around in the new generation in either case, and I really f
  2. Do you think we will ever see Cozy's family? And if we do, do you think they will play a role in helping her see the light and reform? Or maybe they are the reason she is how she is in the first place and she'll realize that their way was wrong and become a typical friendly pony? Secondarily, if we don't see them, do you think they have even been told about what their daughter did and were allowed to say goodbye before she was locked away in Tartarus? Because if they weren't told anything, that is unbelievably cruel both to them and to Cozy to cut them off from each other so totally like
  3. Specifically, all of the things we've learned about Sunset and Celestia's relationship so seems to go out of its way to suggest that Sunset's fall was entirely her own fault. But this doesn't make sense or stand up to logical muster. Celestia specifically chose Sunset to be her protege, just as she did Twilight, and until things turned off the tracks presumably had Twi's current role in mind for her. Sunset clearly had faults, like her ambition and callousness, but Celestia as her mentor had a responsibility to try to right the path Sunset was on. And even if you say that it was impossible for
  4. For me, the answer is very easy. I was so excited when COTLM happened because I thought that, if the writers made the effort to reform my favorite pony, then surely there was more in store for her character. At least an episode or two showcasing she and Silver's new attitudes and relationship with the other schoolchildren. Instead they did . . . nothing. She's appeared in a few episodes, less than a handful, as a mute character and has yet to say a single word since what I thought was going to be a great moment for her. It has gotten to the point that I kind of wish that her change had never h
  5. Do you think the Mane Six and Co. will discover the Villainous Alliance, or at least suspect something is amiss, before their scheme becomes clear in the finale? Or will they be completely oblivious until the last possible moment? Personally, I hope things go on in the background (thanks to the villains) that don't reveal the scope of the problem, but that do make the Mane Six alert and uneasy. Thoughts?
  6. Why hasn't Sweetie Belle yet achieved her lifelong clear goal of becoming a Wonderbolt? How is it fair that Rainbow Dash got in and she didn't even get a tryout?
  7. More Diamond Tiara would have made every second she was part of better, and thereby, the show as a whole better.
  8. Not even in the most generous interpretation of the word.
  9. Not sure that I agree that Flim and Flam's talents have anything to do with manipulation. It is more that conning is just what they chose to do.Their cutie marks are apple-based.
  10. That was a fantastic episode; the writers really need to tell us why Cozy is how she is at some point, though. We know what Tirek and Chrysalis are about, but we really don't know what motivates Cozy beyond vague aspirations for power and authority. Even her talent, which seems to be being manipulative, is odd for a pony. How does a pony get a mark in something such as that?
  11. Only if you go into it with absurd expectations of something far beyond what the show normally does.
  12. Maybe he is immune to his powers in some way, or he is too strong for it to work? Besides, I doubt that Grogar is dull enough to ever put his guard down with any of them. He is a villain himself, after all, he knows how it works and not to actually trust them.
  13. Shock and horror. And then pleasant responses when they eat it.
  14. "Objectively the worst." I disagree, and that view can't even be objective.
  15. What Mane Six do you think is most deserving of becoming a Princess this season? I say Pinkie Pie.
  16. She was obviously not afraid of Tirek, and apparently feels comfortable enough around him to hide behind him twice in the premiere when she was scared. And while she was afraid of Chrysalis and Grogar at first, it certainly didn't last. What with her directly challenging Grogar about the "temporarily" thing and trying to get Chrysalis to make friends later and all. Since pretty much every other pony has been afraid of creatures like these, do you think the fact that she isn't says something about her past? Like, maybe she was orphaned or ran away or something and found herself consistently aro
  17. That was great. Cozy and Tirek are so gonna be legit friends before this is over. Not sure about Chrysalis. Sombra fell prey too that all too common villain trap of overconfidence and too much ambition.
  18. I just don't understand why she is so popular. Her personality is dull, she doesn't even have the slight sense of humor Celestia does. Plus, her backstory doesn't help anything; basically, she got mad that ponies are awake during the day instead of at night, and decided to turn evil because of that. That isn't interesting, it isn't sympathetic, it isn't anything besides dumb. And the worst part is that, despite immediately trying to take over again when she was released, she was forgiven for literally no reason whatsoever. Not only that, but she was given her position as a royal back. Why
  19. Sandbar exists, and he, along with the rest of the Student Six, pretty clearly seems to be a teenager, and has a unique body style to go along with it.
  20. It would have been worse. Seasons 1 and 2 are not nearly as good as most of what followed.
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