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  1. @Venomous I'm sorry, thanks for fixing it that is very true!!
  2. I'm playing pokemon moon on 3DS! It's really good, y'all should give it a shot
  3. Hi Everypony- I love to play on my 3DS, but I don't have very many titles, anypony have suggestions?
  4. Hi everypony! Just wanted to know, does anypony here play the oboe (I made a thread for that! ) or is anypony an aerial acrobat? I do lyra! I would love to hang out with other ponies who have similar interests to me! :p
  5. Thank you! I have no intention of leaving also, how do you change the thing under your profile, your's says cupcake...? Also, what is a brohoof? I'm sorry, I am very new here lol
  6. All the names here are great! What about Eversea Kelp Forest? Aqua Empire? I'm not good at this
  7. Hi Everypony! M'name's venus, and I play the oboe! If there are any other oboe playing ponies out there, y'all should come hang out here!
  8. IRL Umm, hey! My name's Venus, (Laura IRL) I'm a pegasus, I'm 14.5 years old, and I'm from Texas! I love creating OCs and stuff like that. I play the oboe at a semi-professional level, and I'm an aerial acrobat as well. I also love to sing, dance, and act. My favourite of the mane six is Rainbow Dash (obviously, she's the best!), and Zecora is another one of my favourite characters. PONY LIFE My personal OC's (me) name's Lollywing Venus, I'm a pegasus, my pet is a chameleon named Xemmo, and my cutie mark is a cloud next to glasses and bubbles. I'm a student who works at an apothecary!