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  1. Maybe The Princess And The Frog? I've never actually seen the whole movie.
  2. Was there some sort of tech issue tonight? I couldn't make it until 6:30-ish, but it looks like everyone left early for some reason.
  3. I don't like cursing personally. I can't say I have any moral or ethical argument against it (heck, some of my house church leaders recommend it as healthy) but it's just not for me. I find its overuse to be crass and, even its regular usages to be, I dunno. Uncreative? Having said that, I've got a few friends who seem to have truly turned it into an artform, and I don't mind it when they swear so much. I don't know if I'm desensitized to them in particular, or if they just have a different "style" that knows how to make swearing classy or clever, but they seem to be exceptions. Either way, for me I try to avoid it. If nothing else it makes for a fun writing challenge when I'm trying to work on stories or things.
  4. My guess is that she's as fit for leading Equestria as Celestia and Luna were when they started ruling. I think one of her stumbling stones is that she's built up what being a princess "is" in her head, and she's busy trying to be that, instead of being the kind of leader that she's already capable of being. Specifically, she shouldn't be "The Princess", she should be the "Princess of Friendship". Ignoring the early offer of assistance in the episode is, after all, counter to a lot of things that she herself has learned, and to things she's told other ponies, as she's learned more about friendship, magic, and harmony. So if she'd just taken time to embody friendship there, she'd have quickly taken the momentary hit to princess-ly image to say "Actually, we could use some help, thank you!" early on. We wouldn't have gotten the same conflict in the episode if she'd done that, though, so she's still gotta learn how to embody Friendship in this particular venue. That'll come with practice.
  5. Glad I checked here, forgot that we were taking tomorrow off.
  6. I could be down with some Batman double features.
  7. We ever do black and white movies? I've been in the mood for The Lemondrop Kid lately. Or maybe Muppet Treasure Island/Muppet Christmas Carol.