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  1. Im doing a small series of the mane six with their human counterparts (or vice versa). Heres my other accounts: Starting off with a drawing of human and pony Fluttershy in a reading Nook:
  2. Design of my oc/ponysona. Pegasus that’s part gypsy horse hair styles: messy bun, less messy bun, hair down
  3. Its been a little while since i got it, but here's a commission i got from Tsitra360
  4. Had an uneventful day, but drew some mlp and watching youtube keeps me busy. Loathing school tomorrow though.
  5. Quick sketch of derpy on my hand.
  6. I’m going to be posting art here, asking for criticism and ideas! Deviant Art: Tumblr: Ponies in my Head