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  1. ShyGuy

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!
  2. I have to agree! Thorax suits you very well. :3
  3. I would name myself Sparrow. Not only does it sound nice but it kinda fits. After the game Fable II. :3
  4. I never posted any pictures of myself online. I haven't taken testosterone yet, since I'm Transgender and don't feel confident enough to take a photo. I look too feminine and want to avoid being called a girl.
  5. ShyGuy

    Your favourite...

    I like anything made by Nintendo; trust worthy! What's your favorite memory?
  6. I'd turn you into some fried fish. There's nothing like some fried food. :3
  7. 8/10 Not my thing, but not bad though! :3 How about some electroswing?~ ;3
  8. ShyGuy

    ☕ Yum or Yuck ☕

    I'd love to try! Fried Squid. ;3 (Tasty)
  9. What are your hopes and dreams? I'm sure the rest of us would be glad to listen and high five you on your dreams! My dream is to live a happy life with my other half, to own a nice house of our own in a rural area away from people, with a nice garden. I also dream of finding my place in life as a wonderful butler, gardener, or tea maker. :3
  10. ShyGuy

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    468410. Happy to see how far this gets!
  11. I've seen this user a lot today! They seem nice. :3
  12. Somewhere in the rural areas of Britain, where my other half and I could grow a garden and enjoy the beautiful vegetation without having to deal with the world's worries. ♡
  13. ShyGuy

    One Wish.

    I wish that my significant other has a happy life, this one and for the next, so on. :3 (Hopefully without the bad ending of repeating the same life forever, but then they wouldn't be happy. )
  14. Many homemade scented candles! ♡ Do you own any really old book?
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