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  1. ShyGuy

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    NEVER. What comes first, the chicken or the egg?
  2. ShyGuy

    Flirt With the User Above

    Are you McDonald's because I'm McLove'n you!
  3. As simple as the title!
  4. How do I draw without hands?
  5. ShyGuy

    re-name the user above based on his/her avatar

    MyLittleMannequin .
  6. ShyGuy

    Respond with a picture

  7. ShyGuy

    Guess a hobby of the user above you!

    Steals candy from kids on Halloween.
  8. ShyGuy


    I'm glad I'm not alone!
  9. ShyGuy

    Princess Twilight

    I'll look! And thanks again!
  10. ShyGuy

    Princess Twilight

    You guys are full of nice ideas! I might just try that!
  11. ShyGuy

    Princess Twilight

    Gotcha! Thank you very much! I won't spoil it, I'm just watching the show with my young cousin and I'm so lost because we're watching the recent episodes! But now I know when to expect it thanks to you!
  12. ShyGuy

    Princess Twilight

    Geeze, I must be really far behind! I'm okay with Larsonism, anything is cool by me!
  13. ShyGuy

    Princess Twilight

    That's very helpful! Thank you! Hahaha! But you make such a fair point!