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    @Black Sabbath Why yes their is! It's a medieval name I made up for my OC!
  2. Thank you for following me! Really appreciate that, my friend!

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    @shyabetes3939 congratulations, my friend! You deserve a golden Fluttershy Statue! Enjoy it! @Partialgeek514 Congratulations, my friend! You deserve 10,000,000 fluttershy's at your home and a monster energy drink! Enjoy it!
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    @Jeric Congratulations my friend! You deserve a $10,000,000 Diamond Mansion with hundreds of acres of land! @Ganondorf8 Congratulations my friend! You deserve a very fashionable limo from the Cassandra Family! Enjoy it!
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    @Midnight Solace Congratulations, my friend! *hugs Midnight Solace* You deserve a 5 ft Princess Twilight Sparkle Plush! Enjoy it!
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    So, how this is gonna work! Is that you give a gift to one of your friends or all of your friends! By giving something they like! Make sure to include your friends and not leave anyone out! ( Example from me at the bottom of this! ) It's the one I did with Midnight Solace, but it doesn't have to be a plush!
  7. I have a feminine side, but I'm not gay or transgender. I'm still straight. I have tried on women's clothing, wore make-up, and applied finger nail polish to my finger nails before and I was wondering. Do you ladies have a masculine side or do you gentlecolts have a feminine side as well? I know this sounds personal, but try your best to answer
  8. Alright, everypony! I'm going to get off the forums myself for tonight! My cell phone is at 11% now! I also actually have work tomorrow as well and I'll get back on during my lunch break or whenever I have some free time! Goodnight, everypony! May your favorite pony visit you in your dreams tonight!

    1. Tacodidra


      Good night, my friend! :)

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      Mellow Mane

      Goodnight! :raritypleadhat:

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    @shyabetes3939 Sure thing, my friend! I've been part of the herd for almost 2 weeks now! Since I first joined on December 1st!
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    You can ask me anything you want!
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    I would like to adopt @Partialgeek514 under my wing! Would like to go for a fly my friend?
  12. Hello, everypony! I hope y'all are having a great day today! I also just got off of work and went to my doctors appointment today!

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      Hello, my friend! :D I hope everything goes well! :kindness:

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      Cash In

      Hello. I hope your appointment went well! 

    3. Phasereale


      @Tacodidra Hey, Tacodidra! My doctor's appointment did go well today! Thank you!

      @Cash In Hey, Cash In! My doctor's appointment did go well today! Thank you!

  13. I just thought about this one today and I was wondering. What if MLP was in a 1900's black and white cartoon style? You know with the cartoon characters with Pac man like eyes with the music and the none voice acting. Also, don't forget the chat screens that pop up showi,g what they are saying! The reason why I asked this is because I've played Cuphead before and I've seen Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie with Mickey Mouse in it! What does everypony think?
  14. I definitely agree with you on that! They would definitely look like Sunset Shimmer's demonic form in the Equestria Girl's Movie!
  15. I been thinking about this one for a while and I was wondering. Should their be a demon pony race in the next generation? The reason why I asked this is, because I've noticed 2 brony youtubers who's OC's are demons. The 2 youtubers are Sparrow and Aeonofdreams. My OC is also a demon, but he is half demon and half pony. I also mean as long as their friendly. What do y'all think?