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  1. In the video, I show off a scene of animation I'm working on, and speak on the characters, story, and setting of my first fan episode.
  2. Second post of an animation session. I had not planned on it being for dialogue, but it seemed to fit with this scene. This is an animation session, and took two hours to finish roughing.
  3. If you like chilling out to mellow music, and watching an animator's workflow, then give it a watch.
  4. In this video apart of my Watch Me Animate! Series, you get to see how I color, shade, and light as the finishing touches of my new scene. Watch to the end to see it fully animated.
  5. Check out the video!
  6. Lets see...I use Krita for animation, Gimp for special effects, Shotcut for editing, Audacity for sound, and OBS to actually record the animation sessions. All free.
  7. I will! And, thank you for the explanation!
  8. My bad. Did I have it in the wrong place? Here is the first scene: And...while I dont have the next scene fully complete, I DO have it about done:
  9. Yes. My Twitter: @Maroon08870289
  10. Yeah, but the only issue is that it isnt appearing on here. I can give out a YT link with some animations, though. And, here is the next scene after the one above: Now, it is still in production, but is almost done. I will add in music and everything as I finish more scenes. And, I am trying to update more regularly, but this form of animation is verrryyy drawn out. Lengthy process it is, believe me.
  11. Hi! I have this series I've been working on (and will for years from now), and wanted to talk a bit on it. Firstly, it's fully drawn frame-by-frame. For those of you who dont know, frame-by-frame is different than how most shows and such are produced nowadays. Think back to Disney's 2d films, and it's like that for the most part. Because of it being done in such a way, each scene takes a bit to do. But, I do have some tips and tricks to take care of some of tge workload, such as making my own 3d character/background models to help me speed the process along. Now, you'd probably never notice the 3d underlay when animated, considering I dont rely on it too heavily. Mostly used for things like manes and tails, which I go back through every time to add in the 2d charm and sway needed to look good. I have a Youtube Channel dedicated to animation. Pretty much solely dedicated to this fan series I'm doing. Here it is if interested: My Animation Channel I will answer any questions that get asked, so please feel free to ask awayyyyyy!
  12. Hm...Id like to show off some here, but cant find any form of showing a gif...
  13. Who here loves animation as much as I do?!