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Hi Everyone !


I'm Anuska, 20 years old. I'm an old member of the forum but I came back with a new account to restart everything. My old account is linked to something I want to let behind.


∘₊✧ ▬▬ About me ▬▬ ✧₊∘


I'm a bit shy at first but I don't bite and I like chatting. Feel free to contact me, we can get along ! I like videogames, photography, esoteric and occult things (this is damn interesting) and I like every kind of music. I speak French, English and a bit Spanish, and I'm learning Chinese and Russian. Yeah, I love foreing languages and cultures and I want to speak as much languages as possible:3


I live in a small town in France but I like travelling. I've been in Switzerland, Tunisia and Vienna in Austria. These countries are amazing and I loved visiting them ! I'd love to come back there one day, and of course visiting other countries. If you know good and cheap places to visit, send me a PM and we can talk about it !


₊✧ ▬▬ About the show ▬▬ ✧₊∘


I discovered the show in 2014, not sure about this. My favorite pony is Princess Luna (I'm a bit like her), and I don't have a favorite race or species. I think they're all good and have their own special things. I'm still a lot into alicorns due to the mystery around them (Who are they ? Where are they from ? Etc). I love debating about the background of Equestria and beyond, and I love theories. If you have any good ones to talk about, message me, it could be fun exchanging about it:p


I've watched the EG movies as well and I like them. I was a bit reticent at first but I don't regret watching them. It's interesting to see that there are many universes in the show.



Aaaaanyway I think I sad enough about me, if you want to know me more, well... Just PM me, I'm open minded and free to talk about everything, don't be scared !


See you !