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  1. Tartarus yea, Boneless is best object. ( Next to Tom)
  2. When i was watching this episode and Applejack talks about 'Bucking apples' my mum rushed in and said, "What did she say?" Priceless
  3. Here is the pic of my OC. Sry for the tilted pic
  4. Discord clearly states that ponies are the most fun he's had in EONS. One eon is a billion years EONS means he is at LEAST 3 billion years old. Also he ruled Equestria before Luna and Celestia. So he is NOT 20. Maybe 20 Billion. Very old not 20
  5. 1. I woke up to find that dounut Joe had tied me to his bed. 2. Bake cupcakes with spike 3. Me and Octavia become besties 4. Participate in running of the leaves with Applebloom 5. My pet pony is Vynil Scratch 6. Married to Big Mac ( sorry Sugar Belle) 7. Scootaloo would like to meet me 8. Trick or treat with Celestia 9. Try out a new trick with Rainbow Dash every other day because Rainbow and I tried to get cider but they run out then Twilight Sparkle scolds me. WHY IS DISCORD NEVA 3 AHVTHCJJHFHCHUDHBKF. Vynil is my pet jk. All I wanted was to marry Discord. :'(
  6. Hi, I was just wondering about OC's. I was wondering if U all could answer a few short questions about Ur OC's. Post replies plz. 1.Foal or adult 2.Filly of colt 3. Body colour 4. Mane colour 5. Unicorn, Pegasus or Earth Pony 6. Cutie mark 7. Who do U ship Ur OC with 8. Picture of OC (if possible) 9. Name of OC Thx for Ur help I'll answer the questions now 1. Teen 2. Filly 3. Light Purple 4. Orange with white stripe 5. Pegasus 6. Music note intertwined with pencil 7. Double Diamond or Discord 8. I'll post a pic soon 9. Graceful Seranade Have fun with this OC quiz thing.
  7. I has a friend who is obsessed with Scootaloo. Like I'll ask her about homework and she'll say "SCOOTALOO," Like really obsessed. Also Hi peps
  8. Soarin's first words were " i,'ll have that big apple pie," Yea best stallion. Nice OC cutie mark