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  1. Praise be to our Princess on this most auspicious of nights!
  2. special delivery y'all! (thanks mailmare)
  3. Yes -- that's the one I was thinking of too! I saw some videos online from last year -- looked like great fun.
  4. Well, I tried. I apologize in advance to everyone. And especially Jeric.
  5. Of course cloudz will bring water! Let me put on my wings and I'll be right there!
  6. for being excessively cute and messing with my blood sugar levels
  7. Not offering me a muffin. Hey wait, I am a muffin now!
  8. Nope. Not letting you off the hook ... there are spoken lines too. I'm sure you've got the music in you.
  9. I was considering renting a cabin on a lake for a meetup. Brony guitar music by campfire under a canopy of stars. And the Moon of course.
  10. Rainbow Dash is currently held in Gorgar's prison camp, along with more ponies than he can reliably count. If you ever want to see Dash again, support for Moon now is of utmost importance -- Dash is counting on YOU! 360 × 391
  11. Although Dash's team was defeated, we, Moon, now play on for her salvation, and for all ponies. @Rainbow Dash SwagPlease join in supporting Moon so that we may defeat foul Grogar and free us all.
  12. I said the same words not long ago. Welcome to the herd, friend. /)