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  1. Grunk The Caveman


    Grunk smile. Grunk smile.
  2. Grunk The Caveman

    Grunk The Cavepony

    Grunk The Cavepony
  3. Grunk eat berries and mammoth meat
  4. Grunk The Caveman

    General Your Ideal Date?

    Grunk pick berry with Grugette. Then Grunk kill Mammoth with Grugette.
  5. Grunk The Caveman

    Mens Fashion Discussion

    Grunk wear loincloth from smashed cave Tiger. Grunk feel warm on cold night in loincloth. Many other tribesman run around naked.
  6. Grunk The Caveman

    Have you ever been kissed? (Family don't count)

    Grunk kiss Grugette many time. Kiss make Grunks meat stick very happy.
  7. Grunk The Caveman

    Creative Cursing

    Only Witchdoctor put curses on tribesman. Grunk think big rock is better way of smashing enemy than curse.
  8. Grunk The Caveman


    Grunk look at cave paintings of colourful horses. Witchdoctor say magic horse is bad and Grunk should worship clay pot all day instead of looking at cave painting Grunk wonder why horse cave say he is not allowed to change face paint. Maybe horse cave Witchdoctor help Grunk